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Immortal Wars


Chapter Three: Caught at the Heart


The ice blue eyes of the angel opened slowly. She shook her head, trying to shake off the upcoming headache.

She had fallen asleep with the back haired noble stretched out across her lap, his breaths still even and his face relaxed, obviously in a dreamless sleep. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of blood, burnt metal and sweat.

She ran her hands through her childhood friend's hair, silky under her slender fingers. He shifted silently at her touch but she realized she had to question the prisoner or her father would be down her throat, lecture after lecture about her duties to her kingdom.

She gently shoved him off, trying her hardest not to wake him. Her feet felt numb as the pressure was off them and they were slightly painful. There was a trembling sense that spread through them. Her aqua eyes were still weary as she stretched, but the small doze had done her good.

Her mind wandered back to the dream. The man was something to ask the noble about. Not of course mentioning the dream. The Raimons would kill her for not telling them about her random psychic abilities.

She sighed. To the dungeons.


The tall woman entered the dark room, still wearing a blood caked warrior suit. She had left Rath in the room, letting him silently sleep, finally able not to think about the catastrophe that had happened the very night.

The nine other Raimons bowed slightly and looked toward the prisoner. The beautiful new arrival kneeled next to him.

The blonde archangel was about to protest but the dark haired angel of demise held her back. "Taroc let her be."

"But Warkin..." the blonde archangel started.

"No," Warkin snapped at her.

The black haired beauty sat calmly in front of the prisoner. Her hair shifted silently as the prisoner lashed out at her but was held back by the strong chains.

"If you expect to get anything from me, you may as well slit my throat now!" he growled with a great hate in his voice.

"No, I'd never kill you if it meant my own life. My role in this world is not to kill the innocent," the angel of purity replied, with a simple tone.

"What? But you're..." For a moment the noble stared at her before again his facial features turned hard.

"After so many years of war, there is no right from wrong. But still, under my father you still must stay here. I plan to end this war, but if you agree to come along peacefully you can have fresh water and clothes, along with dinner with us."

"Why would I?" he spat. Why would he socialize with the enemy?

"Do you really believe we are the enemy because of what we are?"

"Yes or there wouldn't be this stupid war you..." he began to spit out curses in a different tongue.

The angel understood his words as clear as water but calmly watched and didn't move a muscle. She kept a tight control over the Raimons because they had been just ready to slit his throat themselves despite her orders. She calmly then dismissed them, silently slightly nervous they might slip out of her powerful mind control, though she highly doubted it. She was glad they left without much mind control needed to force them.

"So your name is Derek."

"How did you...?"

"I met a friend of yours... His mind was quite open. Shadow I think his name was. He was quite friendly really; open to end this war if he could. He really was quite curious about the angels... mentally of course."

"How..." His eyes were wide, the aqua orbs suddenly panicked as he stared at her while she looked calmly back. "You couldn't have met the prince. It's not possible. He's guarded almost always. And he's in Ganshen!" He bit his tongue but the angel didn't seem to have notice this slip of information.

"So he was the prince... He didn't tell me he was a noble but he had failed to remove his noble wrist band so it was pretty obvious. I don't think he would have been so open if he knew who I was but that is okay.


"He was worried about something. I think I know what now. You and the war. You're close friends?" Her voice was still calm as she cocked her head, her eyes traveling over his.

"Very," he snapped but he didn't see how that could matter. He found it confusing and amusing that this angel was being this friendly. He couldn't think of how this information could be used against him unless she used him as bait for his best friend. Oh so that was the plan?

"Glad. You should have friends like that."

He was still staring at her. He couldn't deny she was more beautiful than even that angel of beauty and he had begun to trust her despite her heritage.

"Your prince will come for you shortly. I'll let him in. I need to talk to him anyways, but do you really want to make them come all the way down here and possibly run across guards that I have no control over? They wouldn't be able to survive them for it is quite simple to alert the rest of the army."

"But if I come with you, you promise to keep them safe while in the castle?"

She smiled a small smile, grim and not quite as calm as she had been. She began undoing the chains around him, starting on his legs. "They will, two of them. One royalty and the other not quite. Together they shall pass; together they shall see the truth. They will come in a flash a power of light and dark and the empire will both collapse." She had finished his arms.

He flexed his arm, some circulation returning. She slipped her hands underneath the chain around his neck. His breathing quickened at the proximity of the angel and with a small flash the chain fell to the ground by magic.

He knew he should have run but somehow he knew she would keep her word and he also knew that the war had lasted too long. If anyone could end it, bring the kingdoms to peace, Shadow could.

"Come on, let's get you something more comfortable to wear," she said smiling. He stared in shock at the princess and head angel.


Rath, after being woken up with a slap across the face, had first detested the idea of sharing clothes and his overly large room, but at the princess's persuasion he gave up the inner war warring within him. I mean, he had full reason to not appreciate sharing a room with the enemy.

Derek, in more comfortable bloodless clothes, was wolfing down food at an alarming rate. You could now tell his hair was a silky blonde. Rath just watched wide eyed, nibbling on a sandwich. Though he looked alright, the princess still stared at him worriedly.

The princess laughed, the sound as clear as a bell in everyone's ears. "That reminds me of someone Rath..."

"Not funny."

"Yes it is."

"Uh-huh, never."

"It is, Rath."


"Is," she snapped back.

"Not," he snapped back, his tone slightly tense.

Derek briefly looked up. "Is he your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband?"

Rath exploded. "WHAT?!"

"Just asking because you sure look like a happy couple."

Rath grumbled unhappily, "And what would you know about that?"

The angel laughed again and shoved Rath playfully. "Come on, don't say you wouldn't like to have the whole female population down the back of your shirt every moment gone for good?"

Rath looked at her oddly, his face peculiarly red. "Is that the only plus?"

Derek shoved the platter of food away, amazingly half uneaten, settling on the bed that the angel had conquered up from midair. "So... I never got your name princess angel though you knew mine."

Rath grabbed an untouched roll, "she's the Adritin princess, the angel of purity, Zailic... did I announce you properly Zail?"

"Yep Noble Thrathbar."

Derek nodded and snorted humorously. "I'm surrounded by royalty."

Rath glared. "That due to the princess you are actually in an okay condition..."


"...Arguing with her dad isn't the easiest thing and it always ends with a bargain... wait, you haven't told me, what was the bargain?"

Zail's eyes narrowed. Scary... angel's hardly ever unleashed their anger. "This isn't the time right now Rath."


Zail looked down at her outfit. She was still in the warrior's outfit and thus covered in a layer of dark blood. "Ah... oh well. Going to take a shower and change. Meet you at the rail in a quarter?"

Rath's eyes glittered dangerously. "Sure."

The angel stepped back at his answer and she bowed, vanishing from the room in a swirl of darkness and light.

Derek looked at the spot where she had vanished. "Are you sure you aren't together?" He asked skeptically.

Rath picked up his sword. "When we go to the rail, it isn't for fun."


The black hair drifted behind her. Her eyes were closed. The wind was icy, cutting like daggers through the air. Her eyes snapped open, the ice aqua orbs radiating anger. A sharp breath hissed out of her mouth, the grip on the sword tightening as she thought about the prince she had met.

On habit, she had searched his mind, though finding it mostly blocked had found the truth about the war.

All the things she hid from the world.

Suddenly she noted a large bird circling the sky. She watched it for a minute. It had too large of a wingspan to be an eagle.

She mentally called it down and in response it began to circle down. She extended her uncovered arm and the eagle like bird lighted down. She let it look over her before she tried to stroke it. It hissed in warning but the smell of the phoenixes on her overcame the instinct to flee.

"What a pretty thing you are. Wow... Wait, you're part of phoenix aren't you? Crossed with a royal Black Eagle from Ganshen. I'd never thought that they could create something like you. You really are special. Kinda like our Raki. You know you aren't the only cross of phoenix out there." She looked at the message on the bird's regal neck.

"Can I see that?"

The bird hissed venomously and a thought flashed through her mind. "Derek. For Derek. Message for him only. Stay away. I'll burn you."

The princess stifled a laugh. "You can talk like a phoenix too. Nearly."

"What are you laughing about Zail?" came a masculine voice from the stairway that led up the large area that she and the other nobles called the 'rail' or basically a nice place to relax or practice sparring.


"Zail... what is that?" Rath appeared on the large circular ledge overlooking the huge valley and city. He eyed the large black bird with wariness.

"It's Raze...!" came a cry from behind him. The bird gave a delighted shriek and lighted down on the rail near the approaching blonde male.

He let out a joyful cry and nearly strangled the bird. "Raze... how?" His cerulean eyes danced happily.

The princess walked toward him. "It's from Shadow isn't it?"

"Yeah, he rescued this bird."

The princess allowed herself a small smile. "Don't worry, your mind just told me all about your adventure in the hatching cages." He looked appalled. "What? Just block your mind better Noble."

Derek slipped the note off from around the bird's neck and read it out loud. "Are you okay? Where are you? Shadow."

"Here." With a wave of a hand, a pad of paper and an ink feather appeared in front of Derek. The princess smiled and stroked the bird's head. "Say that you're fine... well you could say you're dead if you wanted but I doubt he'd believe you and put that you're being kept on the west tower... which is kinda true..."

"Uh... thanks a lot."

He wrote the message quickly, though his face was still relieved. He reattached the note with the former piece of string and was about to let the bird go but the princess raised a hand.

"Wait one more thing."

The princess mentally called her pet. A rustle of wings rocked the skies for a moment before a white dot appeared next to Raze. The black bird watched the slightly larger male bird with a large curiosity.

The bird was obviously also a phoenix hybrid. The princess stroked the bird on the side of its face with her thumb. "Go with her. Blend with the clouds if you can. You will have to lead them across the Changing Sands. The path is different each day. You must be quick, or they'll be lost in the desert. No map can lead them through that." She pulled a white and black feather from the air. "Take it to him." The bird took it gently and its clear blue and silver eyes danced with adventure.

Rath came up and stroked the bird once. It turned to him and nodded gracefully, pushing it's forehead into his hands.

"I'll do the best I can... thank you princess."

Derek watched the bird incredulously. The bird was like nothing he'd ever seen, it seemed to talk clearly to them, even to him.

"Make sure you keep track of each other. Without that, you'll also get lost in the desert. Watch for the desert reptiles, they'll be hungry for fresh kill." She tapped the golden collar that flexed with the bird's neck. "Fly, and don't come back without them," she said with the hint of amusement.

"Have faith. I won't let you down." The bird took off and Raze dipped her head once more and took off, both soon becoming just specks in the early morning sky.

The princess turned to the two men, her stance amused.

"So... so much for spar practice."

Derek stared. "Where did you get that bird?"

Zail looked briefly at Rath. "Somewhere where I shouldn't have gone. Rath and I were venturing in Glacis to the ruins and came across a family of ice birds. That bird, then just a hatchling, was the last or the nest. We tried to save him but we couldn't do anything. So one of the true phoenixes, Raka, cried a tear, something only phoenixes do when the innocent die an undeserved death, and it fell onto its tongue as it was about to let go of life. It saved it but changed it into a part phoenix. Actually more phoenix than ice bird. But it saved it and that's all that matters."

Rath cursed. "The nobles are waking up. Come on, we have to get inside!"

Watching them bound up the stairs, Derek asked one last question from where he stood at the edge. "Do you know of the prophecy?"

Both princess and nobles stopped and looked at him, pausing mid-step.

Rath looked at him oddly, his eyes flashing.

The princess's eyes were troubled. "The prophecy?" Something about her voice was so tranquilly calm.

Derek looked down, reciting something as if imprinted in his mind. "The age of destruction shall end at the sacrifice of two, a risen demon and a fallen angel," he said looking at the princess, his tone troubled.

The princess smiled lightly and sighed. "A risen demon and a fallen angel eh? Well guess we'll have to wait and see eh? I'm the angel of purity and as far as I know, the angel of the fallen was sent to hell in chains for all eternity due to his betrayal of the Raimons of that time. He hasn't been seen since. If that was the case Derek, this war would last till the ends of the earth."

Derek still persisted on the new thought. "No, it's the fallen angel, not the angel of the fallen, a fallen angel. Just a fallen angel."

Rath also looked at the princess who smiled and shook her head. "Then I've never heard of such an angel. There isn't a fallen angel."

"And the risen demon?"

"You tell me, does it exist?"

Derek looked to the sun that was barely over the horizon line. "I wish it did."


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