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Immortal Wars


Chapter Five: Fighting With Death


With a strange finality, the doors slammed shut.

The pretty girl lowered her white gloved hand silently and looked at her best friend, and the four Ganshen nobles. A gigantic feast stood before them, yet they watched her keenly.

She sighed dramatically.

"Hello?" She rolled her eyes. "At this table, without the head of the hierarchy here, we are all equals... Ganshen and Alikian alike."

The dark haired male snorted. "If you say so princess Zail..."

Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "If you don't watch it Rath, you'll find your meal in your face."

Eventually they actually began to eat, but it was in an awkward silence. The girl swallowed her food tentatively. "So..."

The black haired female sitting across from her looked up. "So you still have all your angels?" She asked, trying her best to be friendly.

Zail nodded with a relieved smile. "Melasion right?" The girl nodded. "Yeah, they are. Your balancers?"

Her face darkened for a second, but the look vanished. "My parents were the last. They died for the balance."

"I'm sorry." Her face seemed distracted for a second. She took a bit into her still warm bread before she continued. "It explains the balancer aura around you and your brother."

Her brother, the blonde, nodded once and smiled with ease. "We also have a lot of their powers... Mar and I"

"Are you balancers?" Rath said suddenly, breaking through his words.

Mar solemnly looked up, leaning back in her chair with a sigh. "Really, we don't know, no balancer was named after our parents died. Usually young teens or children are magically branded. They are not chosen by us."

"Our Raimons, the angels, haven't had any casualties for 14 years, when the last one was named.

Zail looked at the dark Ganshen prince a few seats away. He hadn't spoken the whole time, but she didn't find this surprising.

She forced herself to look away from the prince, just to find Rath and Melasion talking about something or another, and the grey haired and the blonde twin arguing like there was no tomorrow.

Zail thought for a second. She grinned inwardly. Yeah their names were Jag and Derek. Apparently they were catching up.

Suddenly the castle was racked with explosions. They were powerful enough that the plates of food fell noisily to the floor.

Rath looked to Zail as she stood up, her face angered, in her hands two lengthy double bladed swords.

"Rath call Raka now! Tell the squads to get everyone into the systems below ground!"

Rath nodded in compliance and his eyes glowed a dark auburn red as he called his awakened partner.

The prince finally seemed out of his trance. "What's happening?"

Zail whipped around, pointing to the walls, which the shadows seemed to move on them. "Shadow ghouls... And not friendly ones. They're attacking the castle on Ganshen's order."

Derek took a startled breath and looked to his twin who looked equally shocked. In seconds, the dark creatures were coming into the room, leaving the presence of their darkness with each step they took.

Zail gritted her teeth, and wings spread from her back, circling Rath who was still contacting the squads, unable to fight.

Suddenly a long twin pair of swords shot through two of the monsters and they vanished into the shadows that they were.

The swords flew back to their keepers hands.

Zail turned partly, gapping at the prince who held the swords. He tapped the headband that encircled his forehead. "It looks Alikian eh? Well these ghouls don't really know difference between us, so we're dead anyway if we don't fight, and also, do you really think we'd sit back and watch? Remember, you're not the ones we're fighting."

A slow smile spread across her face. "Then let's do this."

Derek snorted. "At least it gets rid of the awkward silences."

Jag, Derek, and Melasion drew their weapons from the air, all dangerously lethal looking. Rath finally snapped out of his trance and also drew his swords. Zail grinned. "Let's go beat some ghoul butt, but first..."

Rath grinned, chuckling lightly under his breath. His eyes darkened. "Send them to hell Zail."

Zail grinned crookedly, her upper fangs lengthening over her lower row of teeth. Her pupils narrowed, her wings retracting into her back, and a low growl sounded from her throat. She twirled the twin swords above her, the swords catching a strange light, but then drove them into the ground.

At first nothing happened.

A brilliant lightning like power erupted from the long twin swords, dancing to the height of the ceiling and spreading through the walls, and crashing powerfully amongst them, forcing the ghouls out because of the light.

Zail stumbled back in a sudden collapse of power and the light faded. Shadow, nearest to her, caught her instantly, and stood there till she caught her breath. As determined as ever, Zail forced herself up and pulled her swords from the wooden ground.

"The castle is guarded by that magic. The ghouls now should all be in a huge mass outside but unable to sink through the walls of this place. Hopefully we'll be able to keep them out there..." Zail muttered to her companions.

Rath took the girl's hand. "Raka's waiting for us."

They all marched silently to the balcony, though the four Ganshen nobles didn't seem quite assured that the creatures were gone, where sure enough three phoenixes stood waiting, their eyes calm and peaceful.

Rath grinned. "Raka."

The bird spread its mighty wings and Zail climbed aboard, followed by Rath. "Jag Derek, take one, Shadow, Mar, take the other..."

Zail seemed drained and Rath looked at her worriedly as Raka took off at a smooth speed. It had taken a lot of energy for her to guard the whole castle. None of the Raimons could do that.

Suddenly Zail jerked in pain as if hit and her breath became panicked. Zail's eyes were wide, the crystal blue orbs wide with fear. Raka, sensing her panic chirred worriedly.

"Raka... go to the Raimons... now Raka!" She barely forced these words out, her voice sounding strangled.

Rath tightened her grip around the girl's waist. "You can't hear her because you're too panicked. I realize okay. But she can't land now... It's too close to the ghouls. You need to fly yourself. You need to go."

Her wide eyes met his, and his words made sense to her for a brief second. She stood on the fire bird's back and Rath grabbed her pant leg, waiting for her cue. Zail finally nodded and jumped as Rath let go.

Rath watched from his point on Raka till he no longer could see the princess. He sighed. The princess would always feel responsible for the Raimons.

Below them the princess curled around and let her wings break her fall. She dove into the group, fighting instantly with the hordes of ghouls. The dark creatures fell just to be replaced by another.

She finally found the Raimons. Their faces were clouded with grief. She then knew what happened.

She fell in beside the warrior angel. "Laquata, tell me who...?"

The warrior angel, since the creatures could no longer regenerate in shadows, was creating a huge pile of corpses.

Her face was splattered with tears and blood and her voice was shaky as she answered. "Three, princess... Serenity, Lavraina, and Taroc... They died just moments ago protecting some of the villagers."

Zail felt tears touching the corners of her ice cerulean eyes, the hot stinging suddenly there.

She counted the remaining angels. "Where's Warkin?"

"I don't know... I think she's out there fighting... death is here so you can't see her remember Zail?"

"Yes I remember now Laquata."

Zail could see the sadness that had touched the warrior angel. She was pouring out her pain with each stroke of the sword.

Zail wheeled around, her body suddenly glowing in an angry luminance. She planted her swords at her sides and began running, the swords slipping through each ghoul she passed within a meter.

She felt something leading her, a familiar presence.

Soon she found herself looking her friends, peaceful expressions on their faces, as she stared at them.

She suddenly saw them again... just like they had been before this. How they always should be remembered.


"Hello, princess..." The archangel replied. Lavraina, the angel of beauty, and Serenity, the dreamer angel, smiled at her.

"You're not..."

Lavraina took the girl's shoulders gently. "Yes we are. We will all leave you soon. We were created each generation over and over again to protect you because the light of Alike can not die, and finally we were able to finish our duties, and even without our guidance, which you rejected always, you became what we wanted you to be. Remember we are twice as old as you are, and truthfully, not as strong either. Our job is done as your protectors..."

Zail let out a tearful cry.

Serenity put a graceful finger to the youthful princess's lips. She gently placed a necklace made of tiny dark black beads around her neck. The center bead was a larger silver bead, the eleventh bead.

"Your mother gave you this before she died. The black beads represent each of our powers, including the bead for your mother's love, though it wasn't quite a power... but it's the thought that counts."

Taroc rolled her eyes. "They didn't include the angel of the fallen's power... Heh, that power already is in us already. The need to protect the innocent."

Serenity ignored the archangel's words. "We kept it for you. Now four of the beads are there, marked by our power, the rest not yet marked, and yours in the center, the silver for purity... the fallen Raimon's power is yours... save our world... it's your duty now," the beautiful Serenity said, as she backed out of Zail's mind.

Zail cried out again but she found that they were gone. There wasn't a trace of them left but their memories and the beads that hung from her neck.

Zail stared at the beads, unconsciously her handhold on the swords loosening and tightening. She was desperate to save the other Raimons.

She ran back into the battle and magically sent a wave of power through the ghouls at the swipe of her swords. Suddenly a wave of the ghouls crumpled and fell. Zail suddenly teetered dangerously, but hung on desperately, running on.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks, her eyes staring at the ghostly form of Laquata and Warkin making their way over the dead bodies.

"I see you saw my sister and them off." Laquata said staring at the beads. The dark form of Warkin made Zail flinch.

The death was amongst them.

She had begun to tremble, but Laquata grasped her arm. The warrior's grip was strong and it momentarily comforted the girl. "Defend our legacy. You need to become what all before you couldn't..."

Suddenly another misty figure appeared. "You are both idiots. If you keep talking to her she won't be able to defend 'our legacy'. She'll just get her head chopped off!"


The girl, the lone angel, rolled her eyes. "Yeah that'd be me."

"Yeah," Warkin said suddenly. "We better do what we gotta do, then finally rest for all eternity."

Zail panicked. "Forever, no! Why?"

Laquata lifted her index finger to one of the outside beads and it magically was imprinted with her power. Warkin and Emist did the same and then as Zail blinked, they were gone and replaced by a ghoul running at her at a blind speed. She leaped out of the way, letting her sword take care of it.

She realized how panicked she must looked and she climbed on top a pile of rocks, her clothes completely covered in blood.

She laid close to the ground, though hating the smell of the blood and scanned the battlefield. She saw Melasion and Rath on Raka, the bird sending many a ghoul to the depths of hell, while the twosome shot arrows from above.

"They're cute together eh?"

Zail wheeled around and bit her tongue to stop a scream. A light haired misty figure was crouched next to her, a smile on her face.


The angel of light smiled gently again, putting a misty hand on the girl's shoulder. "We all must go, you realize that right? Actually, Warkin vanished because she told the fates to end her fight with life, and many of the rest of the Raimons and I just decided to vanish. It was our time to leave..."

Zail was finally too exhausted to argue. "You're leaving?"

"I'm leaving..."

She closed her eyes, still smelling the blood and pain. She stood up and ran at the ghoul field, not bothering to look back. Araina was gone, and she knew it. A new bead shone with a marking as proof.

Zail let out an enraged cry and her eyes narrowed in an anger she had never experienced before. Suddenly she was out of control. If an observer far away watched it was if there was a domino effect happened. Bodies just started falling like swatted flies.

Suddenly a voice chilled her mind and she stopped dead in her tracks. Another misty form came up to her, hugging her for the last time.

Piricti, the angel of destiny, smiled gently at the angel of purity, kissing the princess's forehead. "The others will be expecting me soon. I believe they probably neglected to tell you that all our abilities are yours now. Once I give my powers to you, the ability to see into the past, present and future will be yours. But mind, if you see into the future you cannot change it and it can be your doom. That power best be let alone."

Then a new bead glowed with an odd appearance before settling with the original mark like all the others. Zail grasped the girl harder, her voice weak with pain. "Don't leave."

"Bye princess."

It was if these words finally killed the girl. She crumpled, her legs finally giving way to her pain.

She hardly noticed the onrushing ghouls. She was dead in the core, something about her leaving with her protectors, the spirit gone from her, hardly knowing if she could keep going.

She hardly felt as something swiped against her arm, the small wound pouring out crimson blood. She didn't even notice as something grabbed her and lifted her away from the battle.

She looked up and found herself in a tall tree leaned up against trunk. Shadow's eyes were a wild daze, his eyes feverish. His lips were an inch from hers, his anger radiating off him.

"What in the world do you think you're doing?! Are you trying to get yourself killed?! You realize that without you this war will go on forever?! Both worlds are corrupted and you're the only one left in Alike that has any sense left. Without the balance that the fates created, Ganshen and Alike might as well be one stupid, corrupted, kingdom filled will pain, hate and greed!"

He shook her with a rage that shook her back to her senses, his wrathful voice filling her mind, but she instantly crumpled into his strong arms, stunning him by her crystal tears.

"They've left me... Everyone I've once loved... even those who don't care die for me... what kind of life do I lead Shadow?" She sobbed out, her crystalline blue orbs traveling over his dark emerald eyes.

He carefully hugged her and she buried her head in his shoulder, her body shaking with the anguish.

She put a hand on the side of the prince's face. "Will you leave me?" She whispered desperately, trying to prove she had something left.

Zail felt his lips crushed onto hers, forcing her into breathlessness. She only half knew what was happening at that split second.

Her senses abruptly lashed out, sensing all the pain, hatred and loss on the battlefield at that second.

She clung to Shadow for support, his lips still fastened mercilessly to hers, and looped her hands around his neck, damp from sweat of the battle.

They broke apart, Zail leaning her forehead against his. Her breath gradually leveled off and she looked into Shadow's eyes. He looked torn, stunned and a little disbelieving about what he had just done.

He backed away a step, his breath still ragged. "Sorry... I shouldn't have done that..." He murmured till he trailed off.

Zail smiled a broken smile as her tears continued to fall and pressed her lips gently against his one more time and slid off the branch, instantly in the battlefield again, and her wings again broking her fall.

She unexpectedly realized something, her wings angling vertically, and stopped so suddenly that the winds rebounded. Her eyes widened with panic and she scanned the battlefield with a fear.

And then she saw the figure overlooking the battlefield from the tip of the watch tower and she didn't spare a second, speeding through the winds which changed direction as she flew through them.

She stopped at the figure. She was alive.

Zail breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Atlanta, what are you doing?"

"I was waiting for you," replied the angel of unity. "Look at my wings Zail. Aren't they beautiful?"

Zail had already noticed previously and had been staring. Her black left wing accompanied by the left white wing.

"The black just came back... after so many years. It was the only way I can pass through... You fell for Shadow didn't you?"

"Atlanta, I've known him for two days, you can't fall for someone in two days!" Zail yelled back, her cheeks flushing red.

"All I'm telling you that even if you really don't love him, which is entirely possible, you have to rebuild our kingdoms with him. Truthfully, you probably don't love him yet. You need to learn to love yourself princess."

Her eyes turned hard. "How can I rebuild a kingdom when the kings are still there? How is that possible?"

"You have to Zail. But Zail, you don't even realize that the people don't follow the king, they follow you."

Zail stood shocked.

"You have all our powers now my little princess," her form was beginning to get misty, "you are the fallen angel my dear."

Zail let out an anguished cry as she disappeared and the marking on the final bead appeared.

She began to shake in rage, glowing with a white light. It released in a blast power and it seemed as if the gods had struck.

The ghouls crumpled under the power, and the earth seemed to disappear under the bright light.

As the field of blinding light cleared, it was if the immortal spirits had painted the valley red. The battle between the ghouls and Alike was over. The war between immortal against immortals had just begun.


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