My family watched the Lake House today. It was really good, but my mom and sister were constantly confused. I can see why they were confused. But really it's not that hard, it's just if you follow things well.

Anyways, it isn't that HARD. Okay, so two years in present, first a woman sees a man get hit, then, due to a friend telling to go someplace, choosing the boathouse, the woman leaves a message for the next tenant in the "magic mailbox". Two years back, a man receives writes back to her and leaves it in the mailbox, putting the flag up each time, signaling a new message. (Kinda like emails if you ask me, except they don't go through, like a passage through time.)

And so they continued, gradually realizing they were indeed two years apart. The dude, an architect, goes through the whole thing of trying to find her in the past, though later she realizes it was him in her past. Their dog, Jack, lives in both lives, just two years older/younger. So they try to schedule a real meeting, at some fancy restaurant, the guy two years in advance, and she goes but he never comes.

A year later after the dude was killed (three years in his time) finally she realizes as she goes to a museum dedicated to the dead dude earlier mentioned, and realizes he was the one hit, and rushed back the lake house to leave a note saying not to go just as he does as well to check the old letters where she said she had seen a guy hit a that spot, saying she would be there.

But he goes back and sees her, but reads her note before he got hit and doesn't follow her and rewrites fate. She told him in the note to go to the lake house two years later. (That was also the reason they never met at the restraint... He was "dead".) Two years later for him on the same date and time he arrives and they really meet in year 2007.

It's not that hard if you get the concept and like a bit of math to make it make sense.

I liked the movie personally.

So what are your favorite movies of all time?

List fifteen (one to fifteen... if you can't tell I had a lot of ties and I combined some,.. lol) for me eh?

Here are mine...

1. Constantine

2. Glory Road/Annapolis

3. Poseidon

4. Underworld/Click

5. Goal! The Story Begins

6. Pirates of the Caribbean

7. Mission Impossible

8. Matrix/Peter Pan (nonan.)

9. A Walk to Remember

10. She's the Man

11. Eight Below

12. Princess Mononoke/Howl's Moving Castle/Spirited Away

13. The Lake House/X-Men

14. Supernatural (Series)

15. Notebook/Lord of the Rings

What do you like?


Immortal Wars


Chapter Six: Hitting Rock Bottom


The piercing blue eyes scanned the field of red; his bow and arrow limp at his side. He stared, not believing the sight he saw.

Nothing was left.

Not a ghoul soul had been let alive.

A sea of red was all that could be seen all the way into the horizon line, where the sun was setting behind the mountains.

"What happened?" Whispered the girl behind him, her voice confused. Her eyes reflected his shock at the never-ending world of red.

The bird they rode upon hovered in the air, seeming shocked to its core as well. It chirred softly, feeling something that the man and woman couldn't. Soon, others joined in on the ancient song of mourning.

They were mourning passing, passing of something important.

The couple closed their eyes and said not a word, knowing something must have happened to cause the birds to act as they were. The song calmed the listeners, but setting a sad, dark feeling into the pits of their stomachs, arousing a dark fear, an uncontrolled trepidation, foreboding and gloomy.

The man turned to his companion. "We need to find the others."

Her face was unhappy, depressed, "Yeah, let's go."


"Dry your tears Zail..." murmured the black haired man as he stared down at his best friend who rested in the large bed, her cheeks still tear stained.

"I try Rath, you know I try right?"

The male smiled, his eyes pained, looking at the dark haired girl. He thought to himself, being as devastated as she was, that it was usually she that comforted him, helping him rise again when he fell.

But she had hit a dead-stop wall, and even though all walls can fall, she only had her fists against a stone wall.

It was power against will.

"I know you try. You've never given up... Don't give up now."


In a fake anger, he shoved a pillow in her face, causing her to giggle slightly, throwing the pillow back at him.

The girl sadly closed her eyes and let out a sigh. The nine Ramons that had raised her since she was a child had given their powers up in the only way they knew, by dying.

A new flood of tears began trailing down her face as she told him the facts. "The Ramons were created to contain my powers till I could control them. For centuries I've never been... I don't know... reincarnated... well the spirit of power hasn't. And well, lucky for the world, it wasn't too late, for the war was just beginning to peak, and the people were beginning to doubt this, for they were growing distrustful of their king, my father. But I'm sure you knew this much right Rath?"

He nodded briefly and flashed her a weary smile.

"I'm destined to try to save this world from the ashes, from a fate already written out from the beginning. To try or die... To bring back Ganshen, wipe out the corrupted demons in Nazdirith and bring back purity to Alike..."

There was a knock at the door.

Rath stood as the princess pushed herself into a sitting position. He turned to the other black haired male, though the other's emerald eyes were troubled and not looking at him.

"Can I have a moment with Zail?"

Rath glanced at the princess, who briefly nodded and the pair switched places, the dark haired male sitting down as Rath, the earrings hanging from his ears glinting in the bright sunlight, exited quietly.

"Is she all right?" Asked a familiar voice.

The long black haired, auburn eyed girl stood a few feet away, her eyes troubled as well. Her dark Ganshen outfit made her blend in with her surroundings. Her lips were pulled into a frown.

"She'll be okay... She's does a good job in recovering. She lost her mom in the war too, but she's always strong. It's the end of Alike if she gives in."

The girl walked over to him, and Rath offered his arm, for her Ganshen outfit raised questions and it was safer if they were seen together, and nobody would dare question one of the top nobles.

She took his arm and they headed down the long corridor together. "Even Zail can't overcome death. That is something that never can be undone."

The girl nodded in understanding. "My brother and I were devastated when our parents fell to the casualties of the war. Shadow managed to bring us back before we lost ourselves. Just barely though..."

A long silence wafted in between them again as they walked to the other side of the castle, as huge as the castle was anyone probably can see that it wasn't a minute long walk.

Rath sighed. "There are always rumors about Ganshen. No offense to your home, but is it really like they say?"

The girl looked at him. "What do they say then?"

Rath seemed a bit tense. "Well, Sai..." Her eyebrow twitched in irritation, though not yet anger. "They say that there are such horrible working conditions for the peasants, for your commoners that the people die as quickly as the drought took out their crops. It is said that the nobles and lords were horrible men that thought of women as slaves and whores. That was all they were to them and thus that was what they became."

"Am I that horrible?"

"You're not a man."

"What about Shadow?"

"Don't drag him into this..."

"Derek, Jag..."

"Most then?"

"Am I a whore, since obviously not a servant?"

Rath stopped. "That would depend. What do you say?"

"Definitely not. It would hurt my twin's reputation too much and shame my parent's memory..." She said with a grin. "Come on, we're getting attention."

Indeed they were.

Servants and other nobles alike stared at them, for they were coated in blood, and seemed not worried by the fact that they just were attacked by ghouls, an ally of the darkness.

Rath again began down the hallway, finally coming to a large noble room, which he led her in to.

He instantly noticed where her gaze was focused, three swords that hung from the wall, glimmering in all their glory.

She walked away from him, still staring. "Where'd you get these?"

"Gifts from my father, a curse to say, to protect all three till their rightful heirs come along, one being me. He died in a battle in Ganshen lands."

The girl looked at her slim hands, seeming stuck in an awkward situation. "I'm sorry..."

He paused, ignoring her comment. "It's the three legendary swords of the three worlds, Ranugra, the protector of earth, Inakura, the sword of hell... Don't worry I'm not about to blow up this place. It just controls the gates of hell, nothing more than a few other special abilities here and there... A fine blade, really just as much of peace than of the dark. And then there's Kangrav, the sword of heaven. I'm the heir to Ranugra, though I've practiced with it, I've never used it in battle."

"Why are they here?"

"I don't know, don't ask me..."

Rath snorted, turning around and tore his shirt off, stiff and cloggy from the blood that had hardened on it. He, disgusted, burned it with the flick of his hand. "Oh damn..." His nose wrinkled at the smell of the burning blood.

He found the girl staring at him.

"You said they had abilities... What are they?"

"They're only legends now because for ages no one has been able to unlock the Inakura or the Kangrav without the user being overcome and killed... But legend says the Inakura can do something of an ability called the Hikaru, to send the creature to hell, entertaining eh?"

There was a dark look in the girl's eyes. "And the other two?"

"From Kangrav, it can heal and resurrect... An ability called Bistrav..." Rath gave her a grin. "And Ranugra... it can kill in a flash, sending the spirit either to heaven or hell. It can destroy cities, level mountains, even destroy the peace of seas... It's dangerous, uncontained."

"The Shikan..."

The whisper escaped her lips, her eyes unexpectedly pained.

Rath's gaze locked onto her.

She barely managed to stare back into his eyes.

"How'd you know?"

"When my twin and I were young, we listened to people's conversations... Yeah I know, kinda Machiavellian. But there was this one time, we heard them talking about the main army dying to Shikan... We realized it wasn't human... and that they were talking about my mother and father's portion of the army... dying in result of the war, just two other causalities... That was sixteen years ago."

Rath looked to the sword. His sword.

"Someone stole it from me sixteen years ago. The teenager was taken over by the sword the moment he touched it, dead moments after, and a soulless cell doing the sword's bidding. He eliminated the other army, collapsing the land and killing them all. The sword did it for who I was, its ruler. They know who their owner is the moment their last dies. They will fight for them and their beliefs. Never..." His eyes narrowed and he took both of her arms, dragging her over. He found himself able to feel her breath. Her face mere centimeters away. "...touch the swords, unless it is between you, the sword and someone who is corrupted but may be able to control it... never, for if you ever wish to see yourself in the mirror again, touch any of them unless you're knocking at death's door. But if you get there, chose upon instinct. That's always the best choice."

Her bright auburn eyes were just slightly panicky, showing that she wasn't really unnerved by their proximity, as some other women might have by his unpredictable attitude and wild behavior.

"What, nervous girl?"

"Are you, Rath?"

"Why are you asking me," he was obviously unbothered by this, "because Sai, you obviously are obsessed about me right?" His tone was playfully arrogant.

She grinned, the look vanishing. "Why so confident, do you normally have a girl in this position?"

"What position, if I may ask?"

"One that isn't good for them and facing your arrogance..."

"But if I may say, I've been alive for almost twenty winters... and half of them I've had women throwing themselves at me, trying to get me to sleep with them... yes I had quite a few chasing me at ten... Please don't ask, it's a bit embarrassing, but no," he said grinning at the look on her face, "I've never slept with any of them for any amount of the money and power of the world. Never. But what about you, your city is famed for how women are treated."

Her smirk widened, slipping her wrists out from his grip, but he, instantly, had his hands around her waist, crushing their bodies together. "Do I look like the type of person to sleep with a random guy?"

Rath grinned. "What if he wasn't random, like Shadow? Slept with him my dear Sai?"

"Of course not, I pretend to like him just so he won't be hounded by some whores in the noble class."

Rath tightened his grip, enjoying the mind game. "I bet he'd be heartbroken Sai. Why wouldn't anyone fall for you? With that loving and caring personality of yours..."

"Don't worry; he's already falling for your best friend... By the way, aren't you in love with her?"

"No, I'm in love with you of course, Sai."

"No you aren't..." She said this with a slight laugh. "And why do you keep calling me Sai, Rath... I'm just glad it's not annoying when you call me that," she said with a chuckle.

"Well my dear Sai... One it's shorter than Melasion... and two, it is already your nickname... I'm just applying it, but I'm glad I'm not annoying you." He paused. "Do you know easily innocent thoughts and actions give way to deadly events?" His voice was serious.

Her eyes searched his, but he didn't dare look at her, and he lowered his head, closing his eyes. "Don't you even dare think about doing something foolishly brave. Shadow and Zail must do this by themselves, maybe even without our help... By ruining yourself, it doesn't help them, whatever you were thinking of doing," she hissed into his ear, fear seizing her mind.

He gave a small chuckle. "No, no, dear Sai, I wasn't thinking irrationally... I was thinking of the nobles and greed, and thinking if I'm like them. I've never had someone able to tell me the truth..."

Her hand found the side of his handsome face. "You're not like that, nothing at all like that..." She let out a laugh. "If you are in truth, this world is off to a very bad start..."

They stood like that for a second...

"I wonder what kissing you would feel like." Rath asked, his brow arching as he asked the question.

Sai let out a breath in surprise. "Do you always speak your mind?"

"For the most part..."

She let her lips slide across cheek, a passing fleeting moment going into memories, then let him go, heading toward the door, leaving behind something of curiosity and bewilderment.

Rath looked as if he had been hit by a lightning bolt. "I never said I wanted to find out for real, I just wondered."

"Well be careful then, because sometimes what you wish for comes true..." She said, giving him a glance over his shoulder.

He grinned, though her kiss left something to be desired. "And that's all I get... that was like a parting gift, that kiss..."

"Well did you really want me to kiss you?"

"That depends Sai; do you want to kiss me?"

"That depends. If you really like someone, but know it's forbidden, would you purse it?" She asked, her hand on the doorknob.

Rath smirked, hunting for a shirt, but he tossed her a glance, his auburn eyes amused and seemingly enjoying the game of mind. "You know I'm the rebel. Always am, always was."

"Well thanks for letting me know that now. But you don't think the dash of red in your hair and the tiger eye earrings give it away a bit...?"

"I try to keep it a secret."

The moment was broken as someone knocked. Sai took a step back, opening the wide door.

The tall blonde let out a relieved sigh. "There you two are. Thought we'd never find you two because I really don't know my way around. Come on, the high court has something to say... and Zail wants all of us to be there..."

"Right... Let's go..."

Rath offered his arm again to the girl and she took it with a grin, waving at Jag who cocked an eyebrow at the pair who seemed completely at ease.

The blonde raised an eyebrow. "Well aren't you two getting comfy. Is there time for that Melasion?"

"Well brother," she grinned at him, her eyes flashing with a strong spirit for adventure, to go beyond the lines set for them, "I can make time for forbidden relationships eh?"

Derek rolled his eyes. "Well that's a first."


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