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Immortal Wars


Chapter Seven: Queen for a Day


The girl watched, her brilliant blue eyes still tired with grief. Behind her in the shadows stood the Ganshen prince, who flashed her a comforting smile as she looked back.

No one took notice of him, for almost all attention was on the royal announcer who was rambling.

The girl sighed, muttering lowly to herself. "I need to get a new royal announcer... then an advisor as well."

She took notice as her best friend slid into the remaining seat, with the Ganshen nobles next to him. She grinned, knowing that if her best friend trusted them, she could as well.


Finally the royal advisor came up, getting the whole room's attention.

"We'll get straight to it..."

The princess sighed. "Finally."

"The king has died, taken away by an ambush of Ganshen allies, the corpse kept in Nazdirith or Ganshen. I propose..."

Cries came from the crowd, but Rath stood, his voice climbing over that of the crowd.

"What of the princess? She makes the decisions now."

"She is not queen, noble."

"She is the only blood heir."

He now ignored Rath. "So I propose we attack Ganshen."

Anger spiked within the girl.

She stood, her hands spreading, motioning to the crowd. Everyone fell silent as her words fell upon them.

"I may not be old enough, or even because I must marry to be queen, but I just want you to listen. An attack on Ganshen would be useless, spreading death further. Yesterday we already lost many, and we continue to."

Murmurs of agreement spread through the crowd.

"You right now, as the people that matter most, I want you to tell me if it is right to attack people just like you over useless things. We need to rebuild ourselves and make ourselves as glorious as we were once in legends. What do you say?" she said to the crowd

Shouts of agreement went through the crowd, though everyone had expected a different reaction from the princess.

She smiled, inwardly pained.

She exited the floor as the peasants and nobles alike exited the square.

A tear streaked down her cheek, and the weather began to reflect her sadness again. Moments ago it had been normal, her finally able to contain the loss of the Raimons, but it now began to pour.

Someone grabbed her and twirled her around, jerking her back into the reality she had for a brief moment fled from.

She stared into the emerald eyes of the Ganshen prince.

"Hey," he muttered, a flood of shared grief in his eyes, "look at me, and control it. You know your powers are too strong to be fooled with."

She hugged him, the fear vanishing but the grief hanging on by a string. "Yeah, I know. But it's harder now. All my powers are to my disposal now, and I fear myself Shadow... You know Atlanta said before she let go of life that I would have to rebuild the kingdoms... no, us. Now I can, but you still can't."

"Don't worry about me little one. Zail you need to know something."


"I'm a... demon of darkness."

For a minute a silence kept with them as the rain poured on them. She finally responded, though her light reply was muffled through his dark long sleeved shirt. "You don't think I've known? I knew from the start, the moment you set foot on our castle..."

A pause spread there, but Shadow didn't seem surprised that she knew either. Everyday he knew his balancer aura was getting stronger, for he wasn't any longer under his father's control.

"Well princess, what are your new powers from the Raimons themselves, powers that they have kept for so long just to give them back?"

"From Serenity... I think it was telekinesis..."

She struggled with the emotion of grief as she visualized the angel.

"Araina... speed... From Lavraina the gifts of mind control. Taroc gave me the power of surpassing the elements, kinda like saying they can never hurt you... Laquata gave me strength... though it hasn't changed me much. Emist gave me her gift of transformation. Piricti gave me the keys to time. Warkin gave me that power of transportation, like if it weren't better than flying I'd use it, but it's not. And Atlanta gave me the power to heal, though it might kill me to use any of these powers if used too often. And the ability to control elements was given to me ages ago by the angel of the fallen, who I'll never meet..."

For a minute she stayed there, taking comfort of the prince's embrace.

"Aww, isn't that sweet..."

The girl glared at her friends as they approached, letting go of Shadow. "Rath, shut up..."

The blonde noble grinned, nudging his sister. "You seemed quite comfortable with Rath boy here a little while ago Mar..."

"I'm not a princess. It doesn't matter if I went and degraded myself to marrying a peasant. Actually probably that would wouldn't it..."

"Yeah, that would be bad Mar, don't do that please..."

The black haired Ganshen female chuckled, but turned her attention back to the princess, who fidgeted like a cornered deer.

The princess whispered warily, choosing her words cautiously. "I'm going back to Ganshen to find my father's body. I never... really knew him, but he's still blood and deserves a proper burial."

Rath instantly took her by the shoulders. "I'm coming."

"No... It'd be dangerous, two I want to be able to do this without you, proving I can do something without someone holding my hand through it... and three, I need someone here that I trust, and someone needs to start rebuilding this kingdom... that's an order Rath."

"Fine Zail..." He muttered though obviously he was against the whole idea. "But make sure I don't have to go there and get your body, kay?"

"I'll make sure of it."

Rath stalked off, giving a careless wave as he vanished through the downpour, his form blurred by the rain.

"I hate seeing him upset..." She whispered, her head hanging in a pang of regret for having forced him to help her cause. "But I couldn't drag him to Nazdirith where the ghouls reside. His power would drain like all angels... All angels get weak when they enter the area where you 'make' your armies. It's dark magic, and it tries to overcome us. It takes a while to get used to it, but like you, since you grew up there, it is something which you adapt to."

Derek spoke up. "That's not true. It affects us as well, but we're used to the drain and since we never leave it's a constant pressure on our chest, crushing us, but we hardly notice it now. It happens every time we enter Nazdirith. Ganshen... it's far enough away from the city of demons to be unaffected."

She smiled at the blonde. "I find neither the city of ashes nor the city of the demons very appealing."

Shadow looped an arm around her shoulders. "So what are you going to have us do? Hanging around here does us no good at point. We came to get Derek, just to find that he was rather content."

She grinned slowly, raising her chin. "Mar, Derek, Jag... can I ask you to stay here, and advise Rath while I'm gone. I don't trust my father's meddlesome fools to do anything important."

Mar grinned momentarily. "Sounds good. And I assume Shadow's going with you... He needs to put an end to his father as well... oh, I'm sorry that didn't come out right..."

"No it's okay. My father died. That's it," Zail said, walking up to the girl. Zail cocked her head, realizing that she was the same height as the slim girl. If fact, she looked very much alike the Ganshen noble.

Shadow snorted. "She wouldn't be able to stop me from coming... But how are we going to be able to drag a princess into Ganshen?"

Mar grinned at me, and I grinned right back.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Depends on what it is that you're thinking. If it is about the clouds still looking dead drop gloom then I am thinking what you're thinking. If it is about our lives looking pathetic then that too. If it is about..."

Mar was interrupted by Shadow shaking her shoulders.

"Stop it!" He laughed as she glared at him. He rolled his eyes in a childish manner and he released her.

Zail cleared her throat and started again. "I was actually thinking..."

"The world never ceases to impress me. You know yesterday I swore I saw some dude wearing a watermelon as a hat."

Shadow glared at Mar, who smirked in return.

Zail rolled her eyes, but she couldn't resist the smile that pulled at the corner of her lips. "By what I see, I could get in as Mar."

"You think…?" Shadow asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, let's try."

Zail raised her hand in the air, and Mar raised hers, flat against each other, standing like mirror reflections of each other... well nearly.

Moment's later, two identical girls stood side by side.

Zail grinned, staring at her gloved hands. The milky complexion was no different than her own. "Emist's power came in handy."

Shadow grinned widely, looping his muscular arms around both of their shoulders. "So what's the story... you two... sorry, I can't remember who moved where and all that."

"Um... that Mar, Jag and you got here. You found Derek's dead body, and Jag got killed in a fight out."

Derek rolled his eyes. "That's nice. So Jag and I always have to die."

"You're still alive, do you really want to give that up?"

Derek paled.

"Who said that... my twin or Zail?"


"Oh... that's wonderful."

Zail let the disguise fade away. "Thanks Mar... It'll come in handy when we get there..."

"No problem. Just be careful... and stick at Shadow's side because one, if you don't, you might get raped, or two, you might get interrogated and they'll easily figure out that you're not me."

Zail chuckled. "So basically you don't want me to talk much eh?"

Mar nodded. "Bingo..." She paused. "What's with Jag?"

He, with a startled expression, pointed at Shadow and Zail. "Huh, oh... well you know the prophecy? What if he's the risen demon and she's the fallen angel... Are they going to die?"

Zail cocked an eyebrow. "You know, I'm going to let fate play itself out... and not listen to a silly prophecy.. and I'm going to go get something... so roam why don't you? But Shadow, can I talk to you?" Zail asked as she noticed Shadow fidgeting apparently with a new thought.

"Sure Zail..." He seemed relieved that he didn't have to ask her to talk.

As the pair walked through the aisle ways, Shadow seemed to be fighting with himself.

"What already? You're not helping the silence," Zail said, not bothering to give him a glance.

"Do you believe the prophecy?"

"Define believe."

"Will you let it control what you become?"

Zail stopped at a door, her hand on the silver handle. She stared into his eyes calmly, her expression flawlessly composed. "I won't if you won't."

She opened the door, then opening another with a wave of her hand on the other side of the room. She took Shadow's hand and led him to it, traveling up the huge staircase.

They reached the top, a platform on the tallest tower.

Shadow stared in awe. Anything could be seen from there. It was a watch point, or a place to lose yourself.

Music drifted in from a celebration the peasants were having, the slow traditional music of the Alike kingdom.

Zail grinned at Shadow. "Dance, just once before what happens here becomes a memory long forgotten?"

"I couldn't say no."

Shadow took her trim waist in his hands, and she looped her hands around his neck, both swaying to the gentle music.

Zail grinned. "So let me ask you... If I were to go to Ganshen with you, would I have to greet a girlfriend, fiancée, or wife?"

"That would be a no."

"But you're hunted I see?" She asked with an obvious glance at him, implying to the sluts that chased him back at home.

"Are you?"

"Question answered..."


"Why didn't you tell me Jag was your brother?"

"He didn't tell you?"


"So have you ever had a relationship before?"

Zail considered this. "Not really, my father tried to engage me to this neighboring kingdom prince so their army could join ours but... he found out that they, well, didn't have an army. You?"

"Not of the ones you speak of."

"Distance relationships?"

"Not really."

"How about forbidden?"

"What does it look like I'm doing now?" He responded with a playful grin.

Zail didn't smile back, stuck in doubt. "About that. Do you usually randomly kiss people, or was that for real?"

"Now you define real; does it have to be regulated and approved...?"

"No, it's what you believe, not me prince."

"Then yeah, it was for real."

For a minute they again stayed silent, listening and swaying to the music, holding them captivated in its enthralling sound.

He spoke again. "For truth, answer me, not for who we are, as a prince and a princess, not for what we live for, who we know, or what we believe in... do you believe you can believe in me?"

"Death couldn't stop me right now..."

"What about tomorrow?"

"That's for tomorrow to find out right?"

Laughter split the music, filling the air with the melodic sound. It was the time that all was peaceful and the war had not quite ended.

Hope had arrived on the horizon.

All they had to do was walk toward it.


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