Inside my mind

Sinking slowly in my thoughts

Slipping deeper as they press tighter

Memories taunt

Voices scream

Thoughts dart in and out

Questions race back and forth

I feel myself weakening

Unable to fight back

Inside my mind

Things I could have done wrap around me

Pulling me down

Strangling my last hopes

Suffocating the highest dream

Things I have done lash out at me

Pushing me back

Beating down my tired spirit

Bleeding away all confidence

Things I could do march in front of me

Shredding my dwindling strength

Cracking my shaky sanity

Crumbling a torn heart

Inside my mind

Mental pictures flash

The happy times

they were so long ago

Opportunities that have come to me

each one missed and ruined

Pain and hurt

much too close

Inside my mind

Inner voices shout out

A conscience


An innocence



pushed aside


locked away

Inside my mind

The voices sing and the memories dance

Head is pounding

Hidden heart is racing

Breath comes short and ragged

Inside my mind

Confusion spreads

Chaos reigns

All else breaks down and fades away

Inside my mind