Summary: Old habits die hard. Seth needs to become a monogamous man to get Kevin's love and Elijah's relationship with Gabriel needs to become totally stable as they finally come out as a couple.

I'm thinking about doing both POV and normal narrative, so tell me how you're liking it. If you prefer one of the two do say so.

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Mixture Makes it Better

01- A leash

Seth and Kevin had finally found Kevin's house after a few bad turns by Seth. "I told you to turn right three times." Kevin sighed as they finally parked in front of his red-white house.

"I don't know which one is my right hand!" Seth pouted.

"Are you dyslexic?" Kevin asked as they got off the car.


"That's so cute, I have a slave that doesn't get what's high and low." Kevin grinned before Seth hit him.

"I'm dyslexic master, not stupid."

That same day they had met they had made a bet. In a public space both would try to get the other to moan out loud, the one who won would be the master. Kevin had won and after their day on the beach they were ready for something more… hot?

"I was just kidding." Kevin kissed Seth while trying to open the door, but Seth answered hungrily. Kevin was finally able to open the door and they both stumbled inside.

"Come on, let's get to the room." Kevin whispered into Seth's ear. He loved how the dark haired male had so much adrenalin.

"Oh yes." Seth followed Kevin. Since the moment he had seen Kevin, he hadn't been able to keep his eyes off the black man. He was so sexy! It was most of the things Seth looked for in a man, he was tall, nice hands (that was just a fetish), he had that smile that made Seth lips curve upwards, and he could be horny when needed.

Seth pulled off his shirt before sitting on Kevin's bed. The bed was placed on the left hand corner of the room. "So, do you have anything kinky like?"

"Kinky like?" Kevin sat on the bed grinning at Seth.

"Well yeah, we can't do roleplays just like this."

Kevin laughed, "I'm sorry I'm not in the S&M thing."

Seth rolled his eyes, "I know that, you don't have what it takes to be a master."

Kevin tried his best to pout, "You make me sad." But he was still smiling until he remembered… "Wait, I think I do have something."

Kevin stood up and walked to his cupboard retrieving a small box, he opened it and took out a collar and leash. Seth's eyes grew wide, Kevin laughed again, "What? It was present."

"Right…" Seth took the collar; it was leather with a fluffy coat on the inside to reduce damage on skin. He put it on and sat on his knees stroking the leash.

"Do I look sexy?" Seth asked.

"Fuck, yes." Kevin couldn't believe how lucky he had been to find this guy. He loved the tanned skin, green eyes and his brown-black locks. Seth seemed so carefree, and at the moment oh so slutty, and therefore extremely sexy.

"Well come on tell me what to do."

"What do you mean?" Kevin moved towards Seth and began to kiss his shoulders.

"Well I'm a slave, come on use your imagination." Seth pushed him away while Kevin sighed.

Kevin looked at Seth critically, he felt a bit embarrassed of asking Seth (who he had really just met) to do something for him. But yet again, Seth was wearing a collar and leash and was in a very prompting position. Not to forget his almost hard cock.

That gave Kevin an idea, "You could masturbate if you want." He said softly embarassed.

"You want me to jerk off in front of you?" Seth almost shouted grinning, Kevin blushed harder realizing it might've been a stupid idea, "I like the idea, do you have any lotion or something?" Seth replied getting excited over the idea, but he wanted to make this smooth.

"That, I do have." Kevin opened a drawer from his night-stand and took out two lubes. A normal water based and an quick warm oil one (judging by the label). Seth decided for the quick-warm. He waited for Kevin to resume his former position.

The tanned brunette began to roam his hands slowly across his chest paying some important attention to his nipples. He was staring straight at Kevin as he licked his lips. He then continued his path towards his shorts, taking them off painfully slowly.

Kevin was already feeling tight himself. He began to get rid of his own shorts as Seth stroked his inner thighs slowly in circular motions. His member was already on commando. Seth couldn't keep his eyes off his new find lover, the site was great. Kevin was very finely built, he had noticed that on the beach, but now the man's eyes were glazy and his aroused state made Seth pump his member with a nice rhythm. Kevin began to do the same, he wanted to close his eyes but the site of Seth made it impossible, or almost impossible.

It was one of the things Kevin hated: he couldn't pleasure himself without closing his eyes, such an unusefull reaction… he opened them when he felt his hand being removed and replaced with a hot and needy mouth.

Seth's tongue was doing wonders as it licked the tip and the base of his shaft. Kevin didn't hold back his moans and groans at the attention. Seth cupped the taller man's balls making Kevin buck his hips. "Shit Seth… you're good at this." Kevin was able to hiss between groans.

It wasn't long before he came into Seth's mouth. The brunette sucked after enjoying Kevin's face at the verge of climax. He licked his lips while grinning sheepishly at Kevin, "I couldn't stop myself."

Kevin pulled on the leash to kiss Seth, "That was very good, but that doesn't mean you won't get a punishment for being a bad boy."

Seth smirked at Kevin getting into his role, "That's a shame." He kissed Kevin back.

"Mhm, now get on four legs." Kevin ordered but Seth didn't move still not believing the black male was going to play nicely along, "Come on, I'm not joking."

Seth complied and placed himself on all fours lowering his chest so his ass would be higher up, "Like this?" he asked sensually. It was becoming rather hot this game of being master and slave.

Kevin took hold of the leash softly and prepared his fingers with lube and a condom for his shaft. He easily slipped two fingers into Seth, and began to stretch and touch to find the right place-

Seth gripped the sheets beneath him, "God! Do that again!" Kevin smirked and touched the same spot a few times loving how Seth moaned in such a responsive way. He quickly took out both fingers and prepared to enter with a larger package.

"Tell me if I should go slower." Kevin said while putting on a condom. He began to enter Seth slowly.

Kevin turned his head slightly glaring at Kevin, "For fuck's sake Kevin, just do it already!"

"Demanding are we?" Kevin laughed in amusement, and drove himself inside welcoming the enveloping warmth. Seth moaned in pleasure at the feeling of being filled. The taller male pulled out completely hearing a small whimper before thrusting inside again, he kept a constant pace as both their breaths became ragged.

"Pull the leash." Seth commanded and Kevin didn't think twice as he did so. The feeling of being powerful and in the brunette's case being controlled was very arousing. They came almost together Seth being the first.

As they both sprawled over the bed, Kevin held Seth by the waist, "I would like to do this again, without the titles or the leash."

Seth kissed Kevin and nuzzled his neck, "Hmm it would be nice, you almost choked me when you came."

"I'm sorry, should I make up for it?" Kevin rubbed Seth's thighs.

"I think you should…."


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