Summary: Old habits die hard. Seth needs to become a monogamous man to get Kevin's love and Elijah's relationship with Gabriel needs to become totally stable as they finally come out as a couple.

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Mixture Makes it Better

10- Stuck

Gabriel took the last drag of his cigarette before pushing the filter against the sole of his shoe. He walked to his friend's house, seeing the door ajar, "Seth?" he asked loudly hearing some music coming from inside the house.

"Yeah, come to the living room?" Gabriel found Seth only wearing pants and following a video with Latin music.

Gabriel took a seat watching his friend move, "The door wasn't locked."

"That's because I knew you were coming." Seth smiled swinging his body before facing him.

Gabriel chuckled, "What are you doing?"


"Did you get fired?" it seemed the only reasonable explanation to see Seth learning to dance.

The brunette turned off the TV and used a towel to dry his forehead. "I'm helping Kevin with his competition in dancing."

Gabriel had been rather surprised at first of knowing that his one-night-stand friend was constantly making new plans to see the attractive dark man, and had even entered his fuck-is-my-favourite-word mood because Kevin hadn't called him. When he had told Elijah, the brunette casually told him that maybe he was falling for him and dismissed the rare occurrences. But Gabriel knew best that this was weird.

But he just grinned at that moment, he would talk later with Seth, "Don't want to be rude, but isn't pair dancing, like woman and man?"

Kevin sighed and flopped onto the couch beside his best friend, "Gay dancing competition."

"Oh, active gay guy." Gabriel smirked, having always found somewhat strange those people who needed help from that kind of places to get out.

Seth grabbed the box of Camels on his coffee table and light one, "Anything for a good night fuck." He mumbled making his dark haired friend laugh.

"So are you the woman or the man?"

The brunette shrugged relaxing his muscles, "I don't know, I first have to learn the fucking steps."

"I came to invite you and Kevin, to my exposition on Friday. Tomorrow." Gabriel threw an envelope with golden letters.

"I know Gabriel, you've been bickering about this for the last month." Seth rolled his eyes cursing for having to move his body and grab the envelope, "You're such a sweetheart." He smiled once again comfortable on the couch and opened the invitation. He was rather surprised to see the contents, "I didn't know you were inviting Kevin as well…"

"Elijah. Thank him." Gabriel tried to sound flat but he couldn't stop grinning at Seth's light blush.

"I love your boyfriend." The brunette kissed Gabriel's cheek and then leaned closer to his ear, "And his ass."

Gabriel pushed his playfully, "I'll let that comment slip. I'm heading home dancing queen."

"You're just jealous." Seth laughed putting on his video again, and shook his hips and ass.

Gabriel stared a bit and shook his head, "I might be of those moves."

Elijah POV

I got into the elevator making sure the maps didn't get stuck between the doors or didn't crash against the ceiling. Why the hell did he need to see them all? And in such big grid, I'm sure he could find everything he needed in a normal one.

I sighed shaking my head, I guess he must be pissed of my two-week notice. The doors of the elevator opened again at the first floor and I walked outside dropping a few maps and cursing as they finally all rolled through the floor. "Elijah?"

I looked up to meet a shinny smiling face, "Kevin! Wow finally I get to meet you here!" he was already kneeling to help me.

"I know. Tons of work huh?" He laughed and handed me three maps.

I nodded and thanked him, "Yeah, but not for too long. I think I'll be getting away from here after new years."

"Oh?" We both stood up.

"I want to become a teacher. This investigation is sucking too much of my time and well…" I drifted off not wanting to tell him about the problems my new sexuality has provoked.

"You are going stable with Gabriel for good." Kevin tried to guess and I nodded, I guess that was another good reason.


"That's great news!" He patted my back as we both headed for the next wing in the building, "How long are you together now?"

I had to think about that one, "A year I think?" wow I hadn't realized it was already so much.

"I'm so jealous."

"How are things going with Seth?" I asked trying to hide my smirk knowing Seth was letting down those 'defences' Gabriel was trying to explain.

"Much better, although I screwed up last weekend, I forgot to call him with the explosion." He smiled sheepishly scratching the back of his head.

"Ah yes, they called me too… but I wasn't really able to come." I coughed, that day I was in constant orgasm… yes… I know I was blushing.

But Kevin didn't notice, or well didn't comment. "It was awesome. Thanks to that I will be finishing my thesis before Christmas."

"Sweet." Finishing thesis was the best felling ever, I remember mine. But yet that's in the past with Annette, I now popped a question that had been lingering in my mind, "Don't you feel weird dating such a playboy like Seth?"

I know it was stupid to ask him that since Gabriel wasn't a real saint, but still… another point of view was something I wanted to hear.

"Nah, he hasn't done anything inappropriate till now. I am hoping he is on staying as he has been until now." He does have a point there, if Seth has been monogamous until now, there wouldn't be anything to be worried about. "After seeing you, I really have hope."

I laughed, my relationship had been quick and through many weird steps. I sighed and then noticed I was in wing F while I needed to be in wing E, "Kevin, I have to get going, but we'll se each other on Friday."


I had to smirk, "Seth will tell you!"

Seth POV

I finished with dancing, I was tired! I almost crawled to my shower and leaned against the tiled letting the hot water hit me. I wanted to see Kevin, I wanted attention and fantasizing about his long hands and hard body made me want to help myself right away, but I decided against it and try to get the fantasy real.

I quickly showered and called him.

"Hey sexy, where are you?" I purred against my phone.

There was a chuckle at the other side, "Hello Seth."

"Where are you?" I asked while rumbling through my closet.

"I'm stuck in traffic." Kevin sighed and I pushed back the jeans I was going to wear, I knew where he was. That tiny distance between the university and the highway, it was always jammed.

I sighed too, "That's too bad, I was hoping you and I could go to this new gay bar that opened in the main boulevard."

"What? I read it's all BSM" I laughed at him, I knew that. I could imagine him getting all worked up.

"You know maybe we can put your collar to use." I mumbled grinning when he snorted.


I walked towards my bed, "But I want to show you my new moves. I can do the hip stuff you know?"


"Mhm. And it looks very good." I purred back grinning at my hard work.

"I bet it does." I could now swear he was getting hard just by the though of that, my Kev gets all excited with dancing.

I sighed dramatically, "And I was just getting dressed but I guess I better get ready for bed time." And to emphasise this I climbed onto my bed, even though I knew he couldn't see me.

There's a soft laugh at the other side, "Oh god."

"What?" he caught the trail, yes I wanted attention even if he wasn't here, "You know Kev, I was thinking about you in the shower…" I whispered discarding my towel and appreciating my half erection.

"R-really?" I could hear a hard swallow, I wondered if he was discussing with himself if he should help himself in the car. I sure wanted him to, so I pressed on.

"Mhm, and I was just trying to imagine how you would help me with my little problem." I lick my lips as I run my fingers lightly against my thigh.

"Maybe I can help you right now." Ha he took the right decision, and when he plays along, he sure sounds sexy. "If you tell me what the problem is."

"You see, I would like to know what to do with my hard cock." I smirked.

"Then close your eyes and follow my instructions." I did as told by the husky voice, not forgetting to put the phone in loudspeaker.

"Will do."

"If I was there I would slowly caress your thighs…" I slowly massaged my thighs, "but be careful no to touch yourself, just caress." Kevin explained softly, "Then I would pay some attention to your small nipples. I would suck them."

I bit my lower lip and pinched one of my buds, "I like that…" I sucked a finger and slowly touched my nipple squirming at the action.

"I would make a trail from that nipple to that sexy line you have that would show me the way to the big price." I followed his words with my almost dry finger.

"You think it's sexy?" I stopped just at the start of my pubic hair that reached my navel. My member pretty much excited at my body's arousal.

"Hell yeah!" Kevin took another sharp breath and I could hear a few movements by his side.

"What are you doing now? Do I hear a zipper?" I teased not expecting his utterly low voice.

"I am giving myself slow hard strokes." He answered and I made a pleasant sound with the back of my throat as I imitated him. He likes foreplay I note, because this is killing me.

"Stop at the base a cup your balls." I added massaging the sack, which added to the excitement.

"Gnn…" was the only response, his voice alone was making me squirm.

"I am having pre-cum now, I'm making sharper strokes, grabbing my cock hard." I explained swallowing the drool in my mouth, loving a bit of natural lube.

"Keep touching your nipples." He mumbled back and I raised one of my hands to touch my hard bud, keeping up with my strokes, but one squeeze on one of these small guys made me moan and arch my back.

"I c-can't coordinate." I finally responded, but I think he just wanted to hear me moan, because his breathing was pretty erratic. And I could hear extra movements in that car.

"I am stroking the head with my palm…making circles" he explains between grunts and breaths.

I try that technique, realizing that more pre-cum finds it way and makes the transition very very intense, "That feels nice." I mumble.

"God Seth, I want to be there." Kevin take a sharp breath "watch you, I know you are sweating and…" he swallows, "your lips must be moist and parted…"

"Don't stop." I begged pumping harder and faster.

"I want to touch you, kiss you and let you know you're mine." His voice was sexy and low and he was riving me over the edge.

I couldn't stop anymore I could feel my body starting to tremble, "Kev, Kev I'm about to- ah ah" I couldn't finish finding release in a spurt of semen. I groaned happily and pumped the last of my cum.

At the other side of the phone Kevin moaned lovely, "Shit you're so sexy" I laughed and sighed.

"I think I have to take another shower." I ran a finger through the semen on my chest.

"I will have to clean my pants when I get home" I laughed at him, seeing my cute Kevin with a shy face and stained pants.

"I'll see you tomorrow and Friday?" I took off the loudspeaker,

"Friday, 'cause the dancing teacher called in sick."

"Oh alright." I didn't want to sound disappointed, but I already mastered those moves damnit!

"We'll catch up on Saturday or Sunday kay love?"


"Good night." I walked to my shower again and shook my head lightly, I couldn't believe I even considered going to that club tonight without him.



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