Summary: Old habits die hard. Seth needs to become a monogamous man to get Kevin's love and Elijah's relationship with Gabriel needs to become totally stable as they finally come out as a couple.

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Mixture Makes it Better

02- Spring Rolls


I finally heard Kevin's respiration shallow and constant, I moved against him until he grunted and turned around, loosing his grip on my waist. A few years of practice were all I needed to make a man let me go without realizing it.

I got off the bed carefully and began to dress up. I stared at the leather collar while chuckling softly, that had been funny and sexy. I had my shirt all buttoned up and I swore at the fact that I only had shorts with me. But yet, the original idea of today was to go to the beach. I smirked at my move with Kevin, that had been original, and oh so worth it.

I opened the door to walk away when I heard Kevin's voice. Fuck I woke him up. "Seth?" His voice was cranky, I stood there paralyzed, maybe he would go back to sleep? But he was a clever man, he patted the spot where I should be, "Seth?" He asked louder.

"Yes?" I finally answered.

"Where are you?" he lifted his body a bit, I guess his eyes were still rather shut, plus there was a very dim light coming from the window.

"By the door." I replied trying to sound casual.

It took him a bit of time to understand the words, "What? Why?"

"I-um I'm leaving." I stated.

"You don't have to." He said as matter of fact.

"I know."

"Come back to bed." He patted the spot beside him.

I hesitated, "Look, Kev I'll call you tomorrow."

He groaned and sat up resting his back on the bedpost, he turned on his lamp that was at his night table. He rubbed his eyes with one of his gorgeous long black hands. He looked so perfect with the bright light and dark shadows. "So tonight was only for sex?"

I glared, "That wasn't what I said."

"Then why are you leaving?"

"I don't like to stay the night over." I looked at the floor.

"Was the sex bad?"

Was he nuts? "For fuck sake no!" I almost shouted them closed my mouth, "I mean it was perfect."

He laughed, with his shinny white teeth, "C'mere, if you're gonna leave at least give me a good-by kiss"

I walked towards him smiling, I sat beside him, "Really it's nothing personal, I just-," he pressed his lips against mine, giving me a soft sensual kiss.

He broke it and ruffled my hair, "Don't kill yourself over this, you have my number, call me."

I grinned, "Will do." I felt so bad when I left his house and rode home. Maybe I should've stayed? No, I still didn't know where this was going… oh well we'd have to see tomorrow.

Gabriel sat with his feet on top of the table. He had stayed at home seeing there was no interesting shooting that needed his expertise. And he also stayed home because Elijah's stuff would be arriving in no time.

He grumbled as his lighter wouldn't produce a flame, which he assumed was because there wasn't any gas in it. He cursed at it and thought about throwing it out of the window but decided not to since it was his favourite. It was a silver small rectangular box with a matching dragon as the one tattooed in his inner arm.

He stood up and walked to the kitchen turning on the stove and reaching down his cigarette. At the same time he heard the bell ringing. They had finally arrived. Gabriel sighed in relief and opened the door finding three teenagers.

"Did you get lost?" He asked studying them.

"We came here to deliver some stuff." The one with brown hair said.

Gabriel scoffed, "Right…good try punk, get lost you're not getting any money."

The same kid shrugged, "Well then we'll tell Elijah, my brother, that you told us to fuck off."

Gabriel almost let his cigarette fall out of his mouth, "Oh god…" he opened the door wider glaring at their smirking faces, "Come on, move it."

Each boy entered with a box. Joe as Gabriel remembered his name, walked outside to get a couch that had been left near the elevator. He took out a white paper and handed it to the dark haired man.

"This is for you."

Gabriel, I hope Joe and the guys didn't take too long. Gabriel rolled his eyes. I told them to take everything out of the boxes (because I hate boxes) and that you would tell them where everything should go. I hope you don't mind I brought my favourite couch… Gabriel sighed, Elijah as always so worried. By the way, I already paid them, so don't let them trick you! "Even if you hadn't paid them I wouldn't either." He muttered eyeing the boys that were just sitting on the boxes, "lazy punks…"

I'll see you around 6. Love you. Elijah. The last sentence made Gabriel smile a bit before hearing something inside his house breaking.

He closed the door behind him finding a broken picture frame he used to have on his wall, right now on the floor. A boy with blonde hair smiled sheepishly, "Sorry about that, he pushed me against the wall." He pointed at Joe.

Gabriel shook his head and began to pick up the pieces of glass making sure not to spoil the picture. "Kids…" he grunted.

"We do have names y'know?" Joe glared at Gabriel, he couldn't believe how his brother had find someone so…frustrating and unfriendly, "This is Brad." He pointed at the one who had broken the picture, "That's Victor." He followed to point at the boy with black hair that didn't seem interested in anything that happened in the room.

Gabriel nodded, "And you're Joe. I'm Gabriel." He awkwardly greeted the boys.

"So do we start unpacking?" Joe asked.

"First bring all the boxes." Gabriel grabbed a chair and placed it by the living room where they had set the boxes. He wanted to be able to see everything they were doing.

"That's all we've got." Brad replied.

"What do you mean?" Gabriel asked. He couldn't believe Elijah would just have three boxes of property.

Joe shrugged, "That's all Eli gave us. Plus the couch."

Gabriel glared at the boxes, he was going to have a very serious talk with his lover tonight. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Right, open the boxes."

Two hours later they had opened already the three boxes and Gabriel had had to decide were to put everything, so it felt as home to Elijah. The first box had contained clothes, a few elegant suits and the random stuff Elijah usually wore. Gabriel made a mental note to take his boyfriend shopping, there just wasn't enough clothes there.

The second box contained more decorative stuff and books. That took ages to put together in places.

The door slammed open, "My best friend!"

"Hey Seth." Gabriel greeted remembering to ask for that spare copy now that he had a boyfriend.

Seth gaped at the mess on the floor, "Oh god, did you go on bankrupt?"

Gabriel snorted, "What gave you that idea?"

"Well what's with all the boxes and stuff?" Seth let his bad fall and began to prey on the stuff.

"Elijah's moving in, I just don't know where to put the things."

"Don't be ridiculous." Seth rolled his eyes and began to put everything in order. Books with books and pictures with pictures. Gabriel couldn't get how he could decide so quickly.

Seth turned to find boys behind him, "Um I didn't know you had adopted kids too."

Gabriel hit Seth, "Funny. That's Elijah's brother and the others are his friends." The blue eyes found a unregistered kid with purple dyed hair, "Wait a minute, he wasn't here before."

"That's Cyril, he comes with us. Elijah knows him." Brad replied.

Gabriel sighed and nodded, "Since you were the last to come, go and buy some drinks. Beer and coke." He took out some cash from his pocket-

"You're 18 right?" Seth asked eying the boy. The brunette was liking what he say, slim and fragile in some strange kind of way.

"Yeah, I do have an ID." Cyril replied feeling the dark eyes of the older male beside Gabriel check him out. And he liked it.

Elijah's POV

"Hey I'm home!" I called out whilst opening the door of our apartment. It was stupid how I felt like jumping as an excited girl, with the idea of living together with Gabriel. But believe me I could get used to it.

I had planned that the guys would still be here so I had bought Chinese food. When I entered the living room I was surprised to see Seth explaining to Gabriel where things should go. It was hilarious actually. Joe and Brad were watching tv and Victor was doing something with his cell phone.

"Hey guys, I brought food." Magic word that is, they all turned to see me, or well the plastic bags on my hands.

Gabriel stood up to greet me with a chaste kiss on my lips, "How was your day love?"

I blushed very aware of the many stares, "Hmm fine, and boring. I had to avoid thousands of questions about my wedding day." Gabriel frowned, I didn't mean to worry him but still it had been the worst part of my day.

I still hadn't decided if I wanted to tell them it had gone off or if I had to tell them we broke up after I found out I was gay.

"Just tell them the juicy stuff." Seth said winking at me.

"You didn't have problems to find the place?" I asked Joe who turned off the TV yawning. He shook his head no and I patted his head.

"I'll put the food in plates." I announced as the guys began to sit round the table.

Gabriel walked with me into the kitchen closing the door, "Elijah, we need to talk."

"What's up?" I placed the spring rolls in a lage plate and then continued to open the fried rice.

"Why are there only three boxes outside?"

I shrugged, "Because that's all I needed."

I had my back at Gabriel, who sighed. "You know this is also your house. You can bring whatever you want ok." He wrapped his arms around my waist kissing my hair.

"I know. I just want to start a new life." I turned awkwardly to face him. "With new things."

"But no normal person has only three boxes of belongings!" he cried.

"Why are you so pissed off?" I asked chuckling.

"I'm not pissed off!" he shouted before growling, "I just want you to feel at home and not like a burden or-or god knows what gets into that head of yours!"

I laughed, "Dummy…" I kissed him taking his head in my hands, "I have other two boxes of personal stuff in my car if that makes you feel better. And now, take those spring rolls to the hungry teenagers."

"Hey, I'm not a teenager!" we heard Seth's voice.

My boyfriend rolled his eyes. Typical of Seth by overhearing others conversations, "You fucking act like one!" he shouted back and we heard the whole company laughing.


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