Just this once, it won't hurt
But they were wrong; it did hurt
In more ways than one

That was how it started.
Now I am trapped in the vortex
"you'll never leave me", the voice cries
Is it right? Is there any hope?

I knew I shouldn't have done it; I knew what would have happened if I did.
But stupidly, I listened to the voice in my head.

And now I am stuck yet again

"you got yourself into this situation; you're the only one to blame"
And the voice is right.
Now I cannot tell anyone,
For they will hate me for it, and I
Will probably be spurned

As though it makes a difference.
It will just bring more voices

Thus, the cycle continues,

And I am


Nothing to lose, nothing to gain,
Only an emptiness that is quickly filled with desire,
Desire that rushes away in an instant,
And never sates my thirst.

Thus the cycle continues,

And I am,