Under the apple blossoms

Walking through the same pathway as she did in her adolescence.

Crossing the old bridge, recalling nature's very essence.

She had returned once again. Just like the year before,

to a place where memories kept. Eagerly waiting for more.

She smiled at the thought of seeing him once again.

To love him and tease him like he had done to her quite so often.

He, her hero, her lover, her best friend, was waiting.

Waiting for her arrival year after year

to reawaken the memories, the memories which

would steal giggles and cause a lingering tear.

Making her way down the to the banks of the restless river,

she knew she was getting closer. She could just imagine

his smile. That grin that always caused a quiver.

At last she found him, Under a cloud of apple blossoms,

drenched in the sweet fragrance as her self-control began to dim.

Lips releasing her familiar squeal, so girlish and naive.

As she made her way over to him, hoping never to leave.

And so started hours of endless laughter.

Of reminiscing in childhood disappointments

of never living happily ever after.

It felt right to be with him once again.

Not another thought of anguished reality passed trough her mind.

She wanted to be with him forever. But as the sky darkened,

she knew that once again, she'd have to leave him behind.

And so she stood, dusting off her dress.

Tears streaking her cheeks, as sorrow filled her chest.

She laid those yellow flowers at his feet

and bent down to kiss his tombstone,

now sitting so obsolete.