I see you everyday

I guess we walk the same way

To wherever we're going

Every morning and every night

Do you smile to be polite

No way of knowing

I can't explain it

But I'm not complaining

If I'm happy or sad

If only we had

Just a minute longer. Than this

Just a little closer. Than this

I would get to know you

A little bit better

I could tell you

If only we had

Just a minute longer

A moment had arrived

It was just the right time

For conversation

And he asked me

What do you do?

What is your name?

Where are you from?

But before long

We're at the station

And I was so frustrated

In fact devastated

I feel happy but sad

If only we had

Just a minute longer. Than this

Just a little closer. Than this

I would get to know you

A little bit better

I could tell you

If only we had

Just a minute longer

I wonder

I wonder what you think about

Do you think about me

Maybe I'm a dreamer

But I just believe

And I know what I see

Forever wishing

There would be another day

Oh if only we had

I don't care happy or sad

Just a minute longer. Just a little bit longer

A little bit

A little bit better

Just a little bit longer

And I can't explain it

But I'm not complaining

If I'm happy or sad

If only we had

Just a minute longer

I saw her for the first time on the train. It was an extraordinarily normal day to start with. I got up out of bed, washed my face and brushed my teeth ate breakfast got changed into my suit and boarded my regular train into the city for my job when I saw her.

I was just standing next to a door when it reached the station; the doors slid apart it was nothing special – or so I thought – I didn't bother looking up but a the aroma of something sweet - like the sweetest strawberry preserved in syrup got caught in my nose so I looked up. The sight that greeted me was one of awe; she was standing inside the train flushed and sweat on her forehead a look of bewilderment and anxiety etched on her face. But those eyes even when confused and lost did not lose their vibrancy those dark emerald orbs of life and excitement drank up everything it saw – I knew how she felt. First job jitters. She caught my eye and gave me the sweetest smile ever known to mankind those lips so full and red stretched into a smile and it would make any man weak at the knees – and I was no exception. She proceeded to walk away into a carriage to the left. I know women always walked with a sway to their hips but she was something else completely, in under a second my heart rate tripled and I started to sweat. I checked – nop, no high heels in fact she was wearing flats. She was the first woman I've encountered who wore flats instead of high-heeled shoes, wow she was beautiful AND practical, I wonder if she's taken?

No one had ever gave me eye contact let alone a smile on the train, there is always something about people not talking in lifts, trains or buses I suppose because they fear the person they are talking to turns out to be the serial killer on the loose. All I could do was to stare after her as she chose an empty seat facing the other way. For the rest of the train ride I just watched her – I know it sounds weird - creepy even but it wasn't because I was a massive perve but just because I couldn't for my life take my eyes away from her. She alighted one stop before mine. I wonder in my head for the next five minutes, would she be here tomorrow? Would she catch the same train as me? Even though I alighted I kept thinking about her while walking to work. What is her name? Where'd she work? What were her interests?

When I entered the building in which I was working at the receptionist smiled at me and greeted me good morning; which I took no notice of, inside the lift a stammering intern greeted me good morning too but I didn't even take any notice. I was too far up in my own thoughts. On the thirty- fifth level I got out of the lift and walked into my office snatching up all the memos from my sectary's desk I've received since from the time I got off work until the hour before I came in.

"Good morning Mr. Gray."

"Good morning." I didn't look up. I didn't even know her name every few months I get a new one so what's the point? And for some inexplicable reason, my partner and brother have been getting me younger and prettier sectaries. I closed my office door behind me and just shrugged that thought off – who knew how my younger brother's mind worked… I loped the scarf off my neck and hung it on the coat stand; my over coat following the scarf. I flicked through the notes one from my mum asking me to call her when I receive this and the other ten from various women whom I've hardly even met requesting to 'discuss' (?) some company thing (?) which I've never even knew existed (?) which is odd because I'm sure as the owner and president of this company should know about every case and job and condition of the company I'm running. Trying to get me on a date with them I just grimace. I can see right through that.

I unbuttoned my cuff and rolled up the sleeves – time to tackle the paper work that's mounting higher and higher on my desk. I pulled a few sheets towards myself and started working on them for the next two hours not stopping once. The next time I resurfaced it was already 11 am, I took a break here and called up my mum.

"Hey mum."

"Don't hey me, I know you've been in since nine this morning. Didn't you see my memo?"

"Yes I did, I was just busy that's all. There's a mountain of paper work on my desk this morning. How can I possibly make this up for you mum?"

"Well, you could for one stop working so hard and oh how about get married? Just like your brother? Who is giving me a grand child in a few months time?" my mum teased me,

"Apart from that?"

"I don't think anything can make up for not calling me."

"Aww mum are you sure? How about a nice dinner out? Us, the whole family?"

"Actually now that you mentioned it.. I actually called to tell you we are having a barbeque over at Marsha's house this Saturday. I called in advance to make sure you have the whole day free."

"This Saturday?" I asked flipping through my diary planner checking that I haven't got anything to do on Saturday. To my surprise and delight the whole day was free. I penned in big block letters: FAMILY/FRIENDS BBQ. Perfect.

"I'm free, so I'm definitely coming. When do you want me to turn up?"

"In the morning any time between nine and ten. We'll be preparing food to bring over to Marsha's. She won't believe how much you've grown."

"Mum the last time I saw her was only just a few months ago at Michael's – correction Michael's wife Caitlin's baby shower."

"You know what I mean. And don't be like this, you know how fond Marsha is of you. You grew up around her and her family it was like we were one family instead of two."

"Ok mum, I was just teasing you." A knock came from my door and I quickly told my mum, "mum I'll call you back when I've got the time ok? Someone wants to see me. Bye love you."

"Bye honey. Love you too." I hung up and walked over to the door opening it to see my new sectary's face looking back at me with panicking eyes.

"What's the problem?" I asked her

"A lady by the name of Adeline Marcel is demanding to see you sir." Oh. I thought I've left her behind.

"What does she want?"

"I have no idea, she just came up to my desk and demanded to see you. Honestly she scares the bejesus out of me." I shook my head and sympathised with her, with a resigned sigh I said

"I'll see her." My sectary just nodded her head and turned around, I closed the door after her and pulled the sleeves down buttoning them up as quickly as possible. Just as I finished the second button a short demanding rap came from my door. She was one unhappy camper. I braced myself for the torrents of anger and opened the door, sure enough before she's even inside the office she was yelling at me,

"Adie, please slow down and calm down I can't understand a word you're saying."

"How DARE you 'Adie' me!? After what you did to me you arrogant self-absorbed JERK!" I snapped

"Adie if you've got nothing better to do but yell at me and tell me what a horrible EX I've been I'm sorry but I'll just have to call security – you aren't even supposed to BE in this building let alone my office." Her delicate features contorted into something resembling the butt of Satan himself, her face going a nice red shade too.

"I'm here to inform you that I've been promoted up to president of my company. And I can tell you now that I will crush you to hell." With that she promptly turned on her three-inch Parada heels and clicked her way out of my office. After a few moments I said into thin air

"You forgot, I own half of your company." I shook my head and thought, am I really so immature that I'd even do a retort even once the woman was gone? Just for self-assurance – that's all. Oh. My. God. I'm pathetic. I slammed the door shut and went back to my desk just stewing in my anger, it's not good and it's not healthy but I just felt like letting my anger steam for a while longer. For a while I just sat at my desk doing nothing until my sectary knocked on my door again I was too tired to let her in so I just called her in.

"Sorry to disturb you Sir," she poked her head in "but it seems that one of our lawyers have taken in sick and he was scheduled to go to a school this afternoon to sort out some paper work for them. He told me that you'd be able to do it, he also said that it wouldn't take too long – " I silenced her by putting a hand in the air.

"I know I know, standard stuff right? I can handle it." She just nodded meekly and closed the door quietly behind her. Great more work? I called my sectary's desk and ask her

"What time do I have to be at the school by?" her voice came back with a slight robotic sound.

"It says here that you have to be at the school by three in the afternoon."

"Where is it?"

"It's Saint Martha's college right near the harbour. It's not too far."

"Yes ok thanks." I hung up and slumped back into my chair; the paper work now seems even higher, and even more tedious. Could this day get any worse? I hope it doesn't with that wishful thought I went back to my paper work.


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