The Wind Blows

A lone figure stood on the peak of a cliff top gazing out among the horizon, the ocean was calm this morning and you could simply hear the crash of the waves against the rocky bottom of the cliff, the wind was wild and whipped the figures long honey coloured locks away from their face which showed bright blue eyes and a striking angelic face, the young woman's petticoat stuck to her like second skin moulding her womanly curves which most women would call inappropriate.

Here was were she could escape the world where for even just a moment she felt free and at ease that she could dream anything she wanted up here without people trying to push and prod their way into her life any way they could, here was were she dreamed all kinds of adventures like travelling around the world and fighting pirates along the way, discovering distant lands and mysterious creatures. How she wished she could do those things.

She knew that it was foolish of her to fancy these adventures and that it was likely that they would never come true, but she dreamed them whenever she could in the privacy of her mind and up on these cliffs was were they came alive. Most of the townsfolk thought that she was abnormal and foolish to dream these as most normal young ladies like her dreamed of a wealthy husband of which would be a fine catch, most of those prissy girls ended up married to the first man that looks their way but they all end up the same way happy for a short time then when a couple of children come into view their stuck with pretending to be happy and a philandering husband, and everyone even the wife puts a blind eye towards.

The young woman wiped some hair out of her eyes while cursing the density of those women, how could they be so blind? Most women thought her crazy as she hadn't accepted any male's proposal as of yet, many though had asked rich and poor, but she had refused them all, many thought that she would turn out to be a lonely old maid, but she didn't care what any of them thought and if she ended up as an old maid so be it, she was not going to fall into the same trap they did.

She simply refused to accept marriage until the one that owned her heart and soul showed up, she didn't know who he was, she just knew that he was out there and until she found him or him her she would keep her dreams and secrets to herself and accept no others hand.

The hour was getting late and she had a long day set before her, but as she was turning to leave a loud bark pierced through the air and sounded far to close, jumping in sudden fright she lost her footing and slipped off the cliffs edge, letting out a terrified scream she closed her eyes not wanting to see her fate, then reopening them shortly after when she was relieved that she was not falling to her doom.

She was however dangling off the edge of the cliff, but her arms were painfully clenched together in a strong masculine grip, which had thankfully stopped her from falling to the rocky bottoms before, which would have likely ripped her to shreds.

She tried to see her rescuers face but could not see past their hands and arms, that's when she started to panic but the strength in his voice soothed her.

"Don't worry, I'll get you up, just if you grab my wrists firmly, there that's it, just don't look down."

An image of the rocks below flashed in her mind, it didn't matter if she looked down she knew the rocky shards point from point in her own memory, but before she could think any further she was being pulled skywards almost effortlessly.

Once the mysterious stranger had set her on the solid ground once more, her legs wobbled and her arms felt like they had been ripped out of their sockets , the stranger kindly held her upright by placing his hands on her shoulders, she noticed the culprit dog that had scared her racing around them cheerfully yapping.

Once she could stand upright she looked up into his eyes and she felt as if her heart had skipped a couple of beats, his eyes were the most beautiful she had ever seen, they were as green and enchanting as the sea, he was in every way as charming and very handsome, his dark brown hair flittered around his forehead in slight curls, she had no idea what to say, that is if she could speak.

But before she could, he spoke "I'm terribly sorry that my dog startled you! Are you in any pain?" he asked concerned, looking deeply in her eyes.

She blushed, then embarrassed that she did so her blush deepened another shade, "I am quite fine thank you, just a little sore is all. However can I thank you?"

Smiling kindly he answered, "All I ask in return is that you give me your name."

"Ladelia my name is Ladelia!"

Well this will be my first posted short story! What did you think? I wrote this for fun in my class last period to entertain myself and some friends, but I thought it was okay and was wondering what you all thought of it!

-Kate xoxo