stylish, or so he says,
with those long fingers and –
look e.
black&white keys
it's the song of noir and delusion.

my bleeding mascara;
remnants of your butchery
& cruelty.
like ink on your s c O r es
like stalks and bulbs,
the C & G flat.
(flat, like your lies
too imaginary to take shape)

that's who he is.
who he says he'll be,
(or so we hope;
alternatives are forbidden)

i love the sound of you walking away, oh walking away.

- C
his piano is blasphemy;
his song is witchcraft.
and oblivious,
he makes me love him

to th rcoasters
we ran;
to the sound of
(not so)grand piano&violent orchestra -
he leapt over the filthy waters,
now he thinks he's K I N g
and he tells me,
i'm completely invincible.
(talk is cheap, my love.
you know so much better.)

the pride of the dark side -persian eyes-