this proves nothing but my writing is having an identity crisis

hey Heart, how are you?
(notice the non-existent capital letter and the one that screams)
I'll catch you on the flipside, or maybe when you're not downing margaritas or stripping
for other girls…think about it.

I guess it's one of those five-second love affairs, one that actually lasts ten seconds. Hah.

You speak Confusion and I write it.
We engrain love ballads on our tongues and etch love songs to our porcelain skin.
The difference between a ballad and a song?

Well I really don't know
To be honest

Maybe one tells you the Now, and one tells you the Future
(I think I stole that line from my "big" 18-year old birthday gift.
No, I definitely stole that line.)
Perhaps ballads let you dance and pretend
Where songs force you to sing along

Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you.

You pick out words from newspapers
And sew them along through your teeth. Knot with a kiss and pray to god lips won't

(what a phony)

guess what, Heart
you're driving me crazy
this whole god-damn thing is driving me crazy.