The apple of my eye.

I stare eagerly,

A gaze never to be shared by

Thy irises green.

Oblivious to my existence,

You turn your back to me.

I crave your attention;

A lust too strong to bear.

Talk to me,

Indulge me,

Surround me with your presence.

Such actions ne'er you will,

A simple maiden will not suffice.

My subtle features not once turn your head,

Your hunger I can never satisfy.

I make believe I have your interest.

False hopes are my just reward.

Akin to a disease,

You tear me up from inside.

Alas, I am unable to let you go.

But, who to believe, with judgment from heart and mind?

On a balance weighed, which will triumph?

And how to trust,

When one is blind?

You walk past me,

A sweet breeze across my face.

My skin tingles,

And shivers run up my spine.

The gods mock me,

They toy with my emotion

And feast upon my infatuation.

Your air of disregard,

Sinks teeth into my tender heart.

Chaste of torment,

A virgin to pain,

Tainted doth my soul remain.