Shadow's Call

Just some notes about Shadow's Call for those who wanna know. It is a story that has been kicking around inside my head for about 8 years now. I've slowly built up pages and notes and things of how I want to intertwine this rather intricate story and I thought maybe if I just got the beginning out there, getting feedback might better motivate me to continue.

I'm unsure what to really put for the rating of this. What I have thus far is not bad at all but I know for a certain that things will not stay that way. So I've decided to go withT as somewhere in the middle. I know full well that eventual scenes will be quite harsh, and on some rare occasions soar even beyond M. I'll have to decide how to handle that when I get there.

Many of my favorite book series at the moment (Ice & Fire, Malazan), have a point of view system that I really love and am attempting to adapt into my own writing. That is, I have three main characters who, for the time being, have seemingly no connections between them. Any given chapter will be told from the point of view of only one of those characters. The story itself is mostly told from an outside 3rd person perspective that follows that character around and watches what they do and who they interact with but anything in italics is a look into that character's personal thoughts at the time. It has been a while since I've read a Malazan book but I believe I am shamelessly stealing this device from Erikson. I hope this becomes obvious just from reading, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

As for reviews, pointing out spelling or grammar mistakes is fine but I think it is important to note that I consider my work on fictionpress to be in rough draft form. Should I ever finish Shadow's Call, then I would go back and rewrite/refactor each chapter individually and comb it for any mistakes. I've obviously run spell/grammar checker and proof read it once or twice but there are bound to be mistakes I missed but am not that interested in hunting them down just now. I am most interested in feedback on specifics. What did I not do well? What are my weaknesses as writer? What are my strengths? You will not hurt my feelings by being negative. Provide as much negative feedback as you feel you can give. The more you provide, the more I can come to understand my own writing and improve.

By the way, if anyone knows how to post files "as is" I would be grateful. I hate the blocky paragraphs that from from posting on here. I even already have my stories converted to look exactly how I want as an html file, but fictionpress seems to strip out all that it finds which makesnormal paragraphformatting impossible as far as I know. I would much prefer to have indented paragraphs with no spaces inbetween.