"Love is like a rose, it's beautiful and cherished by those who have it, but when it's gone it's gone forever. So enjoy it while it last and live in the moment"

I would never forget this wonderful quote that probably the most important in my life told me. We were just sitting around that day; she was staring at a rose. It was so delicate, so beautiful, so perfect in everyway, just like her. She didn't even turn to face me; she just muttered these words to me, passing off this poetry as daily conversation. I don't think I truly understood what she was saying at the time, I don't think I could have understood if I tried. She was so beyond my comprehension, but yet she was my best friend. She was the most important thing to me at the time, but I would forget her importance and let meaningless crushes take her place. I would let her importance fade into the background; I would forget to appreciate her. Yet, she stayed with me, why I don't know but she did, and for some reason I always knew she would be. But, I never knew what she hide, what was covered up by her contagious smile, and her poetic mind. I. Never. Knew. how she felt about me, or was it that I never took the time to notice the fact that her eyes dulled whenever I mentioned another girl. That was it...I didn't notice, I didn't notice, until the worst night of my life occurred. I had been drinking, and she was trying to tell me something, I didn't want to listen, no I wanted to make-out with the girl next to me. She was not important that night...the one night she wasn't important. That one night, with all her angry, and sadness she left. She. Left. Me. It was the first time in my entire life she had left me. I never imagined how painful, separating from her would be and apparently neither did she. She cried as she drove down the slick cement, , all because of me. That night she cried for the last time, the most important person in my life was killed. They say she died instantly without pain, and you know what else they say...she was holding a wilted rose. That night, I cried...more than I have ever or will ever cry. Why. Because I lost the most important person, my rose finally wilted. But that's not the sad thing, the sad thing is I never appreciated that rose, it's beauty, it's elegance...not until it wilted. She was my rose, the most important thing in my life, she was too good for me, she was my everything, but I just didn't know it.

"Love is like a rose, it's beautiful and cherished by those who have it, but when it's gone, it's gone forever. So enjoy it while it last, and live in the moment"