I banged my head against the airplanes window as my I-pod switched over to "Bicycle" by Queen. "I can't believe he let that bitch convince him to send my all the way to London!" I mumbled maybe a bit to loud as people around me looked over with odd look on their faces. Luckily I was too busy to notice as I continued banging my head against the window following the odd beat of the music.

That is until a little blonde bimbo (no offense to blondes;;) tapped me on the shoulder with an odd look on her face. Removing one earphone, giving her a look telling her to get on with whatever she was going to say.

"Miss we will be landing soon, so if you could please fasten your seatbelt" she stated with one of those fake grins that every sturdiest must have plastered on her face at all times.

I nodded slipping my earphone back in my ear and "fastened" my seatbelt as she put it.

At least she didn't say BUCKLE UP! Like the last fake bitch said to me

I rolled my eyes.

The sad thing was I use to be just like the little blonde blue-eyed bimbo (Wow the triple B!) Well almost I had green eyes but yeah I had the whole ditzy most popular girl thing going for me. I was rich, blonde, ditzy and surprise surprise I was the Queen Bee Freshman year. Of course that didn't mean I didn't get good grades, I was a straight A student as well. I was a mother's dream and a dad's baby girl.

My life was perfect… that is until my Mom died at the end of freshman year.

But that wasn't bad enough THREE MONTHS LATER he meets a woman who is the definition of an evil bitch …Krissy, and no she is not a triple B, she is just the opposite. She has long curly chocolate locks, dark brown eyes and an olive complexion, she was the perfect Greek woman. The big family to boot too, and you think a big family would make her humble PSHAW!

Yeah she put on a fake act around my Dad but she couldn't fool me or my butler Jeffrey (Yes I am that frikkn rich -;) Of course my Dad on the rebound didn't listen to me as I told him she was a bitch so you know what I did I became a parent's worse nightmare…

Well at least to my father… I stopped going to the beach with my friends (oh did I forget to mention I am a Californian) Instead I went out to the skate parks and smoked pot( sigh I know bad me…I stopped though) I let my grades slip from A's to D's and skipped class almost everyday and lets just say my old friends didn't really want to hang out with me much.

I switched my crappy pop music for the much more appreciated rock. My make-up changed to dark black eyeliner surrounding my eyes and my once tight form fitting clothes turned into large black pants with chains dangling each way. Black band t-shirts that hid my slim form and roughed up black chucks. Oh did I forget to mention I dyed my bleach blonde hair black too!

Looking back on it now I suppose it might have been to drastic, but at the time all I cared about was pissing my Dad off … at first. Most people called me a poser, but that changed after I kicked a few girls asses and got suspended once or twice in the process. Yeah did I mention I dropped the ditzy blonde act as well. (Again no offense to blondes) Well yeah after a month or so I was an entirely different person and the funny thing was I enjoyed the new me.

Although I didn't realize that it gave my new "step-mom", yes that's right he married her UGH! Anywho it gave her ground to start to persuade my OWN father to send me off so I would learn how to behave once again. As you can see it worked, and not only did she get her way, but she also felt the need to throw away all my lovely black clothes and replace them before I left. Oh did I have a fit.

I said some pretty mean things to my Dad, which caused Jeffrey to be my send off as I began my trip to London. Oh well Jeffrey will be the only person I really miss anyways. You want to know the funny thing about Jeffrey I swear to God he is Alfred from Batman HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM! Yeap, I use to pretend I was Batgirl when I was little and he was my Alfred. Ah good times…. Yep, now I just hope that I can last in this frikkn boarding school.

I stepped out of the plane my eyes scanning the airport for some kind of sign.

Yes the school sent me an escort…I guess my Dad figured I'd buy a plane ticket to like Hawaii or something

Not seeing any sign around at all I let my eyes wander to the giant windows that were so typical for airports. It had just started pouring right when our plane let off all the passengers. The sound of the rain pounding on the roof was barely audible over the hustle and bustle of the crowd. I sighed


Unconsciously I began to walk farther into the large crowds as I thought to myself, I kept getting myself deeper and deeper in the mass crowd of the airport chaos. Being me, I really didn't mind, until a felt a strong grip on my shoulder rip me out of the chaos.

Feeling a bit revealed to be out of the giant crowd, I looked at my "hero", He was a tall and lanky man standing probably at about 6ft and had sandy blonde hair a brown eyes. He wore khaki dress pants, a light blue button down shirt, and awful brown loafers.

Who the hell is this guy? Some dorky math teacher?

Looking over him once more, I noticed he had a mini white board tucked under his left arm. I suddenly mentally slapped myself

Oh…there's the stupid sign. You could hold it up higher next time, I am only 5'3 for Christ sakes!

I must have had a funny look on my face because he gave me a curious glance before he extended his right hand out to me " Ello, I am Mr. Herny, one of the English teachers at Burkwood Academy," he said in what sounded like a hefty man's voice.

Wasn't expecting that (thinks of hearing a squeaky twelve year old boys voice)

"Melissa" I answered simply, shaking his hand for less than three seconds then dropping mine again. I looked at him again.

Aren't English teachers suppose to be old woman, with clothes that look like they come straight out of the 50's?

"Well Melissa, lets get your luggage" he said in what was an extremely thick Irish brogue.

Suddenly snapping out of my trance I stuffed my hands in my hands in the pocket of my white Jack Hole hoodie, breaking into a bit of a run as I tried to catch up with him. I stayed close behind him pushing my way through the crowd of coffee high people, murmuring more than a few cuss words under my breath.

Finally, after 30 minutes of uncomfortable silence we exited with my luggage in tow. The rain was still pouring down and we had to make a mad dash for his car, unfortunately it was a pitiful attempt.

I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to step into this man's car, knowing where he was taking me, but I got into his white cooper and we sped off towards the countryside. I stared out the window as the rain pelted it, every few moments moving my bangs so they would not stick to my forehead. Getting bored I dozed with music buzzing in my ears…

I woke up to a sudden stop (It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop lol) My eye flashed open as, Mr. Henry gave me an apologetic smile.

Better be sorry…

I glared at him and then looked at the enormous castle like building about 50 feet away from us. Pulling out my headphones I heard the English teacher finish a sentence, obviously not realizing that I was even listening to music again.

What a genius…

Figuring whatever he just said couldn't have been too important I nodded, and stepped out of the tiny car stretching a bit. That is until I saw Mr. Henry running off, I guessed he had said don't worry about your bags or something like that. Again breaking into a light run I finally caught up with his MASSIVE strides.

Ugh I feel bad for this guys kids…if he has any. Why the hell is he always in a hurry anyways, not like school starts tomorrow. He's got a whole damn week!

As we walked into the building I was to busy again giving Mr. Henry an evil glare, to notice the beauty of this school. Instead of having crappy tile, it had beautiful oak floors and instead of crusted white paint it have a variety of warm earthy tones. It was absolutely magnificent.

Once again as I had started to drift into my thoughts as I looked around the room, Speedy Gonzales began to ramble on about what was where. I tried to ignore him, but apparently he noticed…this time. Sticking his arm close to my face as he pointed to a girl about my height with long curly brown locks and beautiful gray blue eyes. "Helen will help you find your dorm room," he said in his deep voice of his.

I blinked a few times as I looked at his long, lanky arms and then back to the girl. Noticing the teacher had said her name she pranced over to the to of us…"pranced" I rolled my eyes, her perkiness was annoying. I don't mind perkiness but prancing over when a TEACHER calls you. No.

Mr. Henry leaned over and whispered a few things to the girl and she nodded with a giant smile on her face. A soon as he straightened himself up, he gave me a small wave and sped off in another direction.

So long Speedy!

" So your new!" Helen said in an overly happy almost screechy voice. I literally twitched when she asked this plainly obvious question. If I had been in a better mood I might have been nice, but since I was wasn't…"No shit Sherlock" I answered as her smile turned into a fake one.


Her voice grew a little less confident " Well follow me the girls dorms are on this way" she instructed. I stuck my hands in my hoodie and observed the surroundings as we passed noting different places so I wouldn't get lost. There wasn't much else to do since there was another akward silence…I did feel kinda bad, but I figured I'd apologize later when I was in a better. So I just wallowed in the silence, until we reached a wooden door with the number 7 on it (My Fav Number;; anywho)

I looked at the door, "Another Bites the Dust" was being played so loud it was practically shaking the door. I smiled

Well at least she has good taste in music

Helen backed up a little bit and gave me a weak smile "Well your stuff should be here in an hour or so…so BYE!" she said almost frantically. I gave her a half-ass wave and cocked my eyebrow