I shrugged my shoulders and opened the door in to my new room, instantly the music that seemed to be only faint from outside of the door was now ear shattering, for any normal human being at least. I took a look around the room; half of the room was covered with bands, such as the Sex Pistols, Queen, Rolling Stones, and even Death Cab. Clothes lay scattered along the floor, near a dark black velvet bed spread, and gigantic mirrors floated above lovely oak drawers. Although, this is not what attracted me, it was the girl sitting on the black island that was surrounded by clothes.

The girl had electric blue, hair that was spiked out at the bottom and electric blue eyes surrounded by a thick layer of black eyeliner. She wore black boots and electric blue net stockings that matched the ones that were on her arms. Her leather mini skirt had a layer of four studded belts that matched her choker and associated bracelets. Her shirt was black had had the Sex Pistols written in blue all over it. This wasn't what grabbed my attention, even though her outfit was exceptionally cool. It was the fact that she had her hand down her throat apparently reaching for something.

What the hell is she doing!? And how can she fit her hand in her mouth.

I stood there dumbfounded for a few moments as I thought of many strange reason of why her hands would be down her throat.

Maybe she is seeing how far her arm can go down her throat. OR! What if she is trying to eat herself!

I wonder if you could choke yourself like that…

My question was soon answered as the girl wrenched her hand out of her mouth, coughing uncontrollably, holding a cigarette.

Well I guess that answers my question (Note to self, you can choke by sticking hand down throat)

I stared at her for a second longer, until her coughing finally subsided. " Bloody Hell I almost swallowed the bugger!" she said in a slightly hoarse voice. "You really should knock when you enter someone room, I thought you would be a bloody teacher…"

I cocked an eyebrow " I didn't realize I had to knock to enter MY room" I answered looking at her.

She looked me over and I could tell she was staring at the strange combination of my Jack Hole hoodie, messed up converse and dark eyeliner. Then as so she had soaked in my entire essence she sprang up oddly and smiled "Ah so you're my mad American roommate!" she said in a much smoother British accent.

I gave her a offended look as if her calling me American really hurt my feelings, of course it didn't but I wanted to see if she would squirm "I'd prefer to be called mentally insane" I answered in a dignified voice with a slight grin on my face.

" Of course, well my mental insane friend, I am Kelly," she said sticking her hand out; still staring at the gay hoodie I was wearing.

"Melissa, and I didn't have a choice if that's what you were wondering" I answered annoyed but slightly amused at her disgust in the extremely ugly hoodie my witch of a stepmother chose.

Kelly cocked an eyebrow "Hmm parents can be bitches" she said walking over to the dresser and shuffling through a draw full of unfolded clothes "Here" I caught a black Queen shirt that had an imprint of a bicycle on it, I smiled.

It's black! MUHAHAHA in your face Krissy!

"Thanks" I said as she waved her arm in the air as I raced into the bathroom and quickly slipped on the shirt. It fit me well despite the fact the Kelly was about 5 inches taller than me.

She's skinny and tall…lucky

Kelly nodded "Well that's a hell of a lot better" she said satisfied with herself. I smiled back at her.

This girl reminds me of Angela…she kicks ass lol

" It's Queen and it's black, all is right with the world" I said taking another look at the room and noticing that my suitcases were in the room.

Damn that was quick O.O

Kelly smiled "We will get along just fine" she said with a triumphant grin " The first roommate I have ever liked in this hell hole." She sighed and looked up at the ceiling as if remembering a bunch of idiots she had lived with before. Then as if she had still been talking to me she kinda popped "Well it's time to go have tea, my friend Michelle will be saving us a table…Come along" she said in a chipper voice.

Tea…I don't want to have tea I want dinner. Who the hell has a time for Tea anyways… Ah wait this is England but STILL! And everyone says Americans are weird Pshaw!

"Tea?" I finally said with a disgusted look on my face "Like with sugar and milk?"

Kelly looked at me and smile "Oh right sorreh, Tea means like dinner in this country" she answered shaking her head "I don't know why you Americans call it dinner…"

"So we don't get it confused with a drink?" I said plainly, if I had manners and remembered to be politically correct I might have thought twice, but remember it's me!

Kelly shrugged " Guess that makes sense…" she said as though she was thinking hard about it "Oh Well!" Then she marched out the door, her boots clanging against the sidewalk.

I think I am the only person who doesn't walk enthusiastically in this country…

We entered the cafeteria that actually looked more like a five star restaurant, with all the British folk, plus the waitresses walking around.

Geez the British like to eat in style…Guess no McDonalds here

I looked at all the round tables covered in red cloths; there were many different looking people. Most of them reminded her of her rich friends from California. Well the friends that she ditched when Krissy came along.

Great…looks like Kelly is the only exciting person here

As if Kelly read my mind, a giant smile emerged on her face " Yeah I know, but don't worry Michelle is bloody awesome!" she said with great confidence.

I shrugged; looking in the direction that Kelly was walking towards, another girl who didn't look nearly as wild as Kelly sat there with a giant smile on her face. As I found myself walking towards her, I notice that she had a more of an Arabian look to her…She had long straight black hair with bangs going in one direction, and large chocolate brown eyes. Her converse were just as ragged, and her jeans faded as mine. She wore a black MCR shirt with band signatures on it; over a white long sleeve t-shirt.

I gave her a small smile as I finally sat down next to Kelly, as she turned to face Michelle. "Melissa this is my best friend in the world Michi!" she said enthusiastically putting her arm around her shoulder. "Hey" I said with the same small smile.

"Hello, you know I swear I use to have a shirt just like that until I lent it to Kelly" she said glaring back at Kelly. Kelly rubbed the back of her head "Well I just leant it to my good ole friend Melissa" she said looking at her. Michelle laughed a bit "Ah, well Melissa you can keep it, but Kelly you can't" she said playfully as Kelly pouted. I smiled "Don't say it unless you mean I'll hold you to it" I said giving her a joking smile. Michelle gave me a wide smile, and a slight laugh.

The hell with the joke, it's a kick ass shirt lol…