I looked at Kelly and Michelle impatiently, my eye twitching for hunger. "What the hell are we waiting for?" I said just a tad to loud, as more than a few people turned around. Michelle looked at me, with a cocked eyebrow "The server's of course" she said with slight surprise. "Oh…we have waiters." I said trying to think of any school in America.

Nope not one…damn British with their fancy cafeterias

Michelle just shook her head, as Kelly went on raving about Queen…she was definitely obsessed, not that it bothered me. Although, I had some serious jet lag and drifted off into my own little world. My eyes searched through the sea of red tables, they finally set onto a table of well…extremely hot guys. I never really gawked at guys, but I mean every single one was EXTREMELY HOT…it was hard not to look let alone gawk.

Sweet Jesus…

Of course my gawking did not last long, Kelly saw to that…suddenly I see her two electric blue eyes staring straight into my eyes. I literally jumped up about 3 feet in the air causing a very loud thud…

Ouch…these seats are not made for jumping -;;;

Kelly had a very disgusted look on her face "Now don't tell me, you are already going to fall in love with the groups of assholes over there" she said rather loud, as she crossed her arms. I stared at her in utter disbelief… Michi waved a hand as she nibbled on the bread that had suddenly appeared "Don't listen to Kelly, she is probably the only girl that doesn't have fantasies about those guys…" she said looking over at the table with a heavy sigh.

Fantasies…Hey bread! Where the hell did that come from?!

Kelly looked at Michelle with about the same face I myself had given her "You are just like every other girl in this school…!" she said grabbing a piece of bread. Michelle turned to her "I can't believe you wouldn't want to date one of them…they are Gorgeous!" she said throwing her arms up in the air, and then placing them on her hips. I of course enjoying the show smiled, and finally grabbed my own piece of bread " Just because she wouldn't date them doesn't mean she wouldn't…

Agh! British word for sex…hmmm oh yeah Shag!

Shag him" I said trying to keep my face as serious as could be. Michelle and Kelly stared at me for a split second, and then all three of us burst out laughing. I swear it was so loud the entire cafeteria turned to look at us. It was that loud.

Everything seemed to go pretty smooth from there after, we laughed and talked amicably about our rich and embarrassing parents. Kelly also decided that we were going to go shopping, to replace the hideous wardrobe I possessed at the moment. Of course, I agreed to the mere idea…

Muhahaha Black clothes… British Black Clothes! Kelly winced as we stood up from our rather messy, we had gorged ourselves, with all the delicious foods presented …Michelle laughed as me and Kelly had a full out eating contest. I won. She owed me two new shirts and a cookie… I LOVE Coookies

Of course, I too was going to regret my victory in the morning but that was something to be worried about when I woke up. The three of us, somewhat happily left the cafeteria following the crowd of students…Well actually it was more like a crowd of really annoying girls and the group of guys we had gotten into an argument over earlier.

Argh! No matter what country your in there always has to be fangirls -;;;

I gave Kelly as side-glance, she looked absolutely disgusted, and Michelle was well laughing. Fighting the urge to hurl, I formed a large grin on my face. "I take it, you don't care for fanatical girls" I said as she gave me a pure look of hatred… Her electric blue eyes sent nails through their backs, but somehow she pulled her quirky smile back on her face "Why no my mental friend, I would rather drive a pitchfork through my eye, then be around them!" she answered extremely loud, causing more than half of the girls to turn around in disgust.

What fools! That's right pitchforks are more enjoyable!

Michelle and I gave mocking waves as I noticed the girl who had been my "tour guide" earlier that day. Her face suddenly perked up as she ran over to me, tugging me along.

Oh God…I thought I scared this girl away…Wait what was her name Mary, Katie, or was it Ashley?

"Hey Melissa! Oh I am so glad you found the cafeteria…and your roommate!" she said in a forceful perkiness. I cocked an eyebrow at her, as I looked over at Michelle who shrugged…and Kelly who was stomping over to the group.

The British are coming! The British are coming!

I smiled once again "Uh Yeah, thanks Am…" I began, but was rudely interrupted by her upbeat voice again… "Melissa…these are all my friends," she said rather loud "Melissa is a new student from the States!" I noticed some of the boys had turned around to listen to her…

Oh I see…heh whore

I was about to say something, rude (wait no polite…yeah right), but of course my wonderful eccentric friend beat me to the punch…damn her! "Hey Helen! How about not trying to use my friend for some sort of attention eh!?" Kelly screamed with her face turning a shade of red.

OH YEAH HELEN…geez I was off…Hmm I think I should join in the yelling.

Instead, I merely laughed at Kelly throwing an arm around her, "Now now, if the girl wants attention…we can't deprive her" I said giving her a sickly sweet smile. Helen blushed furiously looking down at her shoes…I should have felt bad for the girl, but hey she was using me!