So here I am

A love worn masochist

With hearts carved straight upon my chest

Letting the carpet soak up all that's left

Sweet crimson stains

Pull up your sleeves

Slit wrists oblivious to pain

Run a fingertip across my wounds

Meet the real me

Lap up my sour blood

Ripe with long lost romance

Skin peels from skin that never really lived

Lusting for darkness

The only place you truly see

Failed suicide

On an empty mind


Bleed until it's over

I told them I'd stop

But I've never been one to keep promises

This big secret they don't want to tell

But they want everyone to know

Corrosive drugs stain your throat

Poured with care across closed and waiting lips

Tears leak from beautiful eyes

Pausing at your sharp cheekbones

External apologies

Written in time

Tonight she looked so beautiful

With bloodshot eyes and makeup smeared

The stars just sit there and glimmer like they don't see her pain, and the rain just pours and mocks us in our death

The world goes on as we die inside

It's been a long and fucked up road, but we run home

Where it's dysfunctional and safe

To those afraid of silence

Judge my words

And read my scars

Stories carved across my wrists

Trailing up my arms

I guess this is just what happens

It's been a long and fucked up road, so I'll run home

Where it's dysfunctional and safe

And lose faith in the world

All over again