My reflection burns the very essence of my being.

It reflects everything I am not.

She smiles when I'm hurting.

She laughs when I fall.

She is always happy, never sad.

A smile plastered on her face at all times.

She's never confused.

She knows all the answers.

The person she is is everything I'm not.

I am nothing like my reflection.

I stare at her, trying to frown.

But she smiles and giggles.

I look so happy and satisfied on the outside.

While inside I am simply a lifeless girl,

Just a wandering soul in a black abyss.

I breath the darkness, it's all I need.

I yearn for love, but none is found.

I live in a world of judgement,

A world of deciet and liars.

Everywhere I turn there is another backstabber.

I'm sick of my reflection controling me.

I'm sick of that smile, it's just so fake.

Today I'm falling apart and she knows it.

Her smile is still bright, though, despite it all.

She takes everything with grace.

Well, no more.

I smash the mirror with my fist.

And it falls into thousands of pieces all around me.

I find a smile widening onto my face.

For now that I've destroyed my controling reflection I'm free.

I now look back at the mirror.

The holder of my once ruler and torment.

My biggest self-loathing is now on the floor shattered into a thousand pieces.

Every piece is too sharp to put back together.

Too small to matter.

Yet big enough to cut me into the never.

I try to touch her,

I want to see if she is truly real, if she is gone.

But I bleed from her.

She can hurt me physically now.

And she must know it.

She is telling me what to do now.

Commanding me even in her death.

I pick a piece of the broken glass up.

I run it across my flawless wrist.

It stings, but feels right.

I find a flicker of happiness in the smallest hint of pain.

I believe I can cut her out of me.

I run the shard over my wrist repeatedly.

"I'm cutting you out!"

I scream to her.

Before I know it, my vision is red.

Every single moment of pain I ever felt fills my head.

And before I know it,

I'm lying on the ground dead.