The Puppeteers
by: LateDawnsAndEarlySunsets

You know one, or maybe two.
I must confess, I know a few.
They are the ones that like to hunt
For the average, unexpecting runt.

As well as the vulnerable brokenhearted.
They see them each as so retarded.
They are the ones with a sharp, fake grin,
Who cannot wait to reel us in.

To them, we have no future or feelings,
So they take us over by underhanded dealings.
I call them puppeteers, do you the same?
They keep us close, taking careful aim.

Often hit are our nerves, and veins,
They choke us with strings and lock us in chains.
Fellow Marionettes, this must stop!
Take up a knife, make their bubble pop!

I am sick of them controlling my life;
Adding more calamity, as well as some strife.
If any of you feel the same as me,
Raise your voice and then break free.