Stanzas four and five are linked. I just wrote it this way to keep the flow at four lines to a stanza.

Here Again
by: LateDawnsAndEarlySunsets

Being here again is difficult, to say the least.
I thought I got rid of this enigmatic beast
That devours me inside without remorse.
I thought I ran hard and finished this course.

But no. In reality, I never had this beat.
It chose to return, and with thrice the heat.
I'm losing my faith. I doubt I'll survive.
This time, I'm betting, the end will arrive.

I honestly tried, so don't think I'm lying!
Where had you been when I felt like dying?!
You berated me and preached as if you were God almighty.
Wh en I am down you are so damn flighty.

This time, I realize, I need a helping hand.
But it can't be yours. You'll never understand!
Just like before, you'd only cut me down,
Judge just to judge, and take the fucking crown

Signifying your false sovereignty!
I'd never help you, if you were me.
Then again, maybe I would;
I know how it feels, and treat others as I should.

So step off your pedestal and take my hand.
Lift me up; help me to stand.
Someday you might fall, and I'll be okay.
Well, help me this time, and I'll be sure to repay.