Endless Love

It's an endless war,

Going on in your mind.

Don't think of her.

Don't think of her.

Don't think of her.

You try to push back,

The thoughts of happiness,

Racing through your brain.

The daisy fields,

The afternoons in the parks,

The candlelit dinners.

They all come back to haunt you.

You go away,

You say it's over,

You say you'll never love again.

You say, forget it,

You say, I hate you.

But you don't know,

How deep those words cut into me,

How much they make me cry when your bags are gone.

Memorieskeep flooding my head,

My castle crumbles,

My barrier is gone.

The thoughts are back.

And I push them further.

But every time,

I just can't help it.



Of you.

And when you come back,

I always forgive you.

Because I…

I love you.

And as long as I do,

You'll always be with me,

As long as I do,

You'll be a part of me,

As long as I do,

I know that you'll,



Love me too.