Nowhere Else to Swim

With dramatic strokes, Diver Doug ,who had found this cool new place, swam the length of the pool of fun.

You see as he was heading to Waikiki Beach with a radio and snorkel in hand preparing to hang loose and enjoy the pleasures of the sun, surf, and sand he heard, "Beware of Jellyfish! Beware of Jellyfish!", blaring on his radio. Rather incontinently, DJ Delacey repeated the newsflash. "We've just got some news folks. Jellyfish have found their way to shore. All those heading to the beach with a radio and snorkel in hand preparing to hang loose and enjoy the pleasures of the sun, surf, and sand take caution!" Glumly Diver Doug searched for another place to swim. Suddenly his eyes gleamed with excitement as he beheld the answer he was searching for. Because he was so delighted he jumped into his new discovery with a splash.

"Ah-hah! The park fountain the perfect place - to go for a dip!"

Oh, you should have seen the sight as Pat the Policeman confronted this grown man about swimming in the park's fountain.

Sternly Policeman Pat told Diver Doug, "You can not swim in this fountain or any other fountain.

"But there are jellyfish restrictions at the beach!" this confused diver revealed to the officer who had obviously not heard Delacey the DJ's radio announcement.

"Well, there are restrictions here too."

"There's nowhere else to swim," repeated Diver Doug, "since the jellyfish came to the beach."

While they ping-ponged their 'buts' and their 'you cant's' it continued until finally one defiant swimmer tried to dive back into the pool of jellyfish-safe swimming. Although before he could, Pat the Policeman grabbed him by the nape of his neck and declared, "I've had it with confronting all those fountain snorkeling goofballs."

Still holding him by the neck Officer Pat dragged him away to his car. He threw Doug the Fountain Swimming Diver into his very official-looking car ,which smelt of freshly baked donuts, and drove away from the park. Around the city they drove, confusing the diver even more with each passing inch.

Roughly, the officer mumbled, "Where do you live?"

While watching out the window to try to determine where it was they were going, Diver Doug replied, "The Southside of town." Turning onto his street he discovered where they were. Pat the Policeman pulled up at the front of his house while Diver Doug got out.

Watching Pat the Policeman speed away in his car and remembering how he dragged him away , Diver Doug called out "But there's nowhere else to swim!"