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A New Life


"Good morning Vivian." I cooed, gently lifting her out of her crib. She stared up at me through her big blue eyes and I couldn't help but smile. Before I had her, I had gone through many depressing stages where I thought about giving her up for adoption or something because I wasn't ready. I'd done research and read that children of teenagers often don't grow up very well because their parents can't properly take care of them. When she came, it all changed. I held her in my arms for the first time, looked into her eyes, and I didn't want to let go, ever. Now we've been home for a week and every second I spend with her I fall in love even more.

I took her downstairs and grabbed the bottle off the counter I had just finished preparing before she woke up. Then I sat on a chair in the kitchen and fed her. The rest of the family was still in bed so it was just her and me for at least a few more minutes. She finished her bottle and I placed it in the sink before heading back upstairs to change her.

I looked at the shelf on her wall, the picture frames that had been empty before, were already full of pictures. There was a picture of the two of us in the hospital, there was a picture of her and Charlie, her and David, her and both of the guys, and all four of us. And there was one picture that had been blown up, framed, and hung on her wall from the day we came home. It was one of everyone. When I say everyone, I mean everyone: Charlie's family, David's family, Moira's family, and our family. Everyone except Dale, he took the picture.

In the center of the picture is me holding Vivian. Behind us is my mom, on either side of me is David and Charlie. The youngest kids, Alex and Ben, Brooke, Chad, and Emmy are all standing in front of us. The adults are behind us. Moira is standing beside David, and Deric and Rebecca are beside Charlie, with Amanda. Christine is on the other side of Moira. It's all set up in a specific order and rather than looking like a jumble of people, it looks like one big happy family. Which is exactly what it is.

I finished changing Vivian and sat in the rocking chair. I gently rocked back and forth, watching Vivian the whole time. My free hand was playing with her tiny fingers. I couldn't clearly remember the last time I had seen a baby this small. It would have been my brothers, but that was 8 years ago. Everything about her was tiny. Her nose was tiny, her eyes, her mouth, her feet and toes, her hands and fingers, and her whole body.

"Morning momma." I heard from the doorway. I looked up and saw my mom standing there, watching me. "She been fed?" She asked. I nodded in response. "I can see she's been changed, you do her diaper too?" I nodded again. "Good."

"Vivi!" Came from two voices simultaneously in the hall.

"Yes, she's awake. Come on in." I said, smiling. Seconds later Alex and Ben came bounding into the room. "Be careful, not so hyper." I laughed.

"Sorry." They said together. They walked over and stood on either side of me, both of them watching Vivian. Vivian was trying to look around the room but had limited views. Alex touched one of her hands and she looked at him and grabbed his finger.

"Her hands are so small." He said, rubbing the back of her hand gently with his thumb.

"Hey Ben, you wanna do me a favour?" I asked as I heard the door. He nodded enthusiastically. "Can you get the door, please?" I asked. He smiled and took off out the door. Alex wasn't far behind. I heard the front door open and then my mom call the boys to breakfast.

"Morning sunshine." Came from the doorway.

"Morning Charlie." I said without looking up from Vivian.

"No good morning for us?" David asked. I glanced quickly, just long enough to see Moira and David.

"Good morning to you too then." I laughed, turning my attention to Charlie.

"Good morning Vivian Dianne Unity Dulespy." David said, walking into the room and standing in front of me. I stood up and passed her to him.

"Good morning daddy." I whispered, holding Charlie's hand and Vivian's hand.