My check burn and I try to hide behind my blushes but you know and I can't stop that so here I am candy pink checks and a hidden smile

I would close my eyes but it would still be there if not stronger

Lift my hand move my hair try to hide

But I'm still stood blushing

You stand close

I feel naked

I can smell you in the air

It's almost too much to close

The bar is noises and I lean in

You're breath at my ear

You only have to say one word

You do

I pull back you're eye on me

Candy pink and blood red

Only you can bring me to this

I blush face heated

I would close my eyes to it but a picture would form

My body would wake with it

To you

I don't want to move I don't want to sit or walk

You know this and smile and my face of discomfort

I smile the hidden one only few will ever see

One that you know