The living room our play ground

Hushed breaths

Silent moment hearts racing waiting to see if we are still alone

Carpet burn from frantic movement


Fuck fuck

Battle of buttons and zippers

Jokes between two people

Laughter at the wrong time


Watching wanting

Tongues teeth lips and hips

We work together and fight

Up down

Back forward

In the bath on the bed

In the shower on the sofa

We love our Tuesdays

Time slows and we wait

Head rested on each other as we watch TV

We don't need to talk

We don't need anything

Tuesdays are enough

The sofa in the computer room

The music plays slowly and we follow its lead with slow kisses

I bite you some times

Lick you but its all fun

Laying under on top or in front of you

We stand in our underwear and

In a moment of fun we slip enough other clothes on

I fit in to my jean after some fighting

And my yellow top you look like an emo

I stand your jean hanging off my hip and your shirt open showing

The small curves of my breasts

We laugh in front of the mirror laugh at our self's and our silly self's

Kiss fighting back smiles badly

We sit in the bath

I watch you knowing you planning something

You lean forward kissing my as your turn the cold tap on behind me

I slap your arm bring up a red mark

I back shoots forward as I gasp

You laugh at your self you find it so funny

We fight on your bedroom floor

I never win

I napped on your bed

We play buzz with your sister sat there both posing in sun glasses

Talking a fighting talk

Fighting with kira the blonde dog that see things that aren't there

Sat at the kitchen table feeling like I'm going to go crazy with your parents being there

I should not burp or swear

I always fall out of your mom's car


Fucking hell

Your friend make me laugh I sit and watch them laugh at what they say

I feel like a child in the back your mate's car we look at each other sharing the same laugh and smile

Smoothing our shagged hair down and checking zips

Your friend know what my blushes mean

They pop jokes out and each one hits you

You smile strangely proud

Wile I smile girly

Late night and you have to finish the mission of retrieving my keys and phone with out attracting you parent attention

I wait in the car timing your

Its all fun

It's just a hand full of Tuesdays