By: Elizabeth Martin

Chapter One

( First Person)

My girlfriend and I walked sedately down the steps of her red-bricked apartment that towered over the wet park that was across the street from us. My beautiful Brenda wore a long trench coat with a forked tail that blew along with the wind. I grabbed her wool gloved hand and whispered," I think it's going to rain tonight."

Brenda released my hand and pulled her hood over her head. " Then we should get you a coat," her soft voice whispered back. I was wearing these black boot cut jeans and a white shirt with a bold black word on it that said," Rebel."

" But I love the rain," I said looking up at the grey and black clouded sky. The streets were empty. I don't know why? It was Sunday and almost Rush Hour time. " There must be a game today," I said.

" Yeah there is…Red Sox vs. the A's," Brenda said and winked at me. I admire her so much. Her voice was so harmonic and sweet, her hair…brunette locks that kissed her shoulders. " You smell so good," I said. " You always say the same thing to me everyday," she said and giggled.

" What do you use?" I said as I played with her locks. We were now walking down the cement-paved sidewalk. " Where are we going?" she asked me as puffs of cold air came from her mouth as she spoke.

" Wow look at that car!" she said pointing at a sports car that had a red ribbon on the front. " Do you really like it?" I asked her. " I love it," she answered hooking her arm with mine. I dug deep into my pocket and pulled out a key with a car alarm pad.

Brenda gasped. " It's all yours," I said and pressed the alarm button. It beeped off. " Milano! You shouldn't had," she yelled jubilantly. I love it when she cried my name out. Not too long ago last week on a Friday night was when she cried my name out but in a different way.

" Well what are you waiting for?! Let's go," I said. My phone rang. It was a Classical ring tone. I sighed. " Your not going to answer that are you?" she asked me in a worried tone. I pulled out my cell phone and looked on my caller id. " Work." I sighed again and looked at Brenda who had teary eyes and trembling lips.

" I'm sorry but business is business," I said and flipped open my phone. " Yes," I said in a serious tone. " Milano get your ass down here! We have three girls on L.O.S and another one on the way," a woman's stressed out voice demanded. The phone then hung up.

I closed the phone and averted my eyes towards the wet park across the street. The happy children in there small puffy coats and there ear muffs. " So what's the plan?" Brenda's voice was shaky and sounded overwhelmed.

" Why does everyone have to give me such a hard time? Huh? " I said getting angry. " Milano," she said in a worried tone." The only reason you got that car was because I've been working my ass off!"

I walked off leaving her alone with the key cars in her hands and her mouth slightly parted. "Why does everyone have to mess with me? Can I never take a break?" I yelled as I stormed down the street, pulled out my car keys, and went over to my car.

My car was pretty nice. It was a 67 Shelby Mustang. I loved it! More than the car that I just bought Brenda. I walked over to the driver's side and looked at my reflection in window.

I I was pretty good looking for a Pilipino. Brenda always told me I have beautiful angel eyes. I remember her saying that on our first date to the movies. I have these angel eyes that are mostly black with a hint of emerald green. My eyebrows were naturally arched and my hair was a midnight black that was like an inch long.

I stopped looking at myself because I was afraid of Brenda still staring at me. " Milano!" she cries out my name. I can predict everything I swear. I look up with my eyelids lowering nonchalantly.

Her big hazel brown eyes widened in excitement, " Please forgive me for being so selfish…" I sighed, rubbed my forehead with my right hand, and said " Fine. But I have to go now."

(Third Person)

" Nothing bad happened…I swear it's just me…" Maria said to Milano looking down at her red wounds on her arm. " Once again! Why do you cut yourself?" Milano sang as if he asked this question over a million times. " I-I…" Maria's empty midnight blue colored eyes just looked up at Milano.

They were both sitting at a cold metal table in a cold metal room that was really small. Maria's black hair fell over her light blue eyes and her straight nose. " I only did it for love," she said then looked up at him.

There was silence. Milano parted his lips and said, " Do you have a boyfriend?" Maria just smirked and whispered quickly in a raspy voice, " The Devil!" The lights turned off and the room filled with darkness.

" Holy crap," Milano whispered. The lights then turned back on. Maria stared at