I was a little upset writing this so be prepared for angst.

Help Her From Hell

She was in a world full of hardship and sorrow. Pain and fear. All she could do was act tough and stick through it. Life was a painful thing to her and all she wanted was to live.

No one was letting her.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. This girl they make fun of this girl they hurt emotionally, this girl that they threatened is practically dying inside.

All because of them.

They tease her about her weight, the way she looks and acts. They hurt her with teasing thinking it only makes her mad. That's not true. They threaten her with her life or physical health.

People think she can't cry.

People think she can't be nice.

People think she's a monster.

These people in this world just don't think she's worth life. At least that's how she thinks they think with the way they treat her. Why do people think she's a monster? She tries to be nice or at least not too rude, but people are always saying things about her.

No matter what she does.

It's no wonder she's thought and still thinks of death upon others and herself so often. These people just didn't know and they call her names. Help is all she wanted anymore.

Help out of this hell.

Though no one knew how her life was.

Why can't she just live?

Why can't I just live?


A little angsty, I guess, but I've been extremely angsty these past few weeks. So, I wrote how I felt….I think it sucks ass, but whatever. I let my feelings out at least.