A crush that's at least what everyone called it, but it was more. The mere thought of her sent my heart pounding in sheer excitement. I didn't really know if it was her soft blonde locks, or her deep brown eyes that attracted me too her at first. All that I knew was that the first moment she spoke, I had become just about the biggest sucker in the world. As time passed the burning only intensified, and my long chats and subtle gestures were just not enough to calm it. I had to decide. My first thoughts were to be upfront and ask her out, but then with later consideration I thought of a way to be a little subtler. At first reaching the curb she was so delicately perched on my heart raced and my hands became clammy. Yet with set determination I managed to get a conversation flowing, and slowly but surely I worked my way up to laying a soft delicate kiss upon her treasured lips. The shock so apparent on my face when I resurfaced brought my world crashing around me. All my senses clicking off before she could answer I ran. Ran where? To the only place that was actually automatically set in brain. Home. In my room the reality of what I had done set in…the pain…the sight of her face contorted in a way I'd never seen. Shaking hands I reached for the gun I had laid precariously on my dresser before hand, rejection I had never really taken well. As firmly as I could manage I pressed the gun to my temple, not really shaking until I heard the click resound in my ears. Shutting my eyes slowly I ready myself for my final moment. Only then did it happen. I sudden force so strong tore my arm away from my head setting the gun off, the sound ricocheting off the walls. My heart pounding, ears throbbing and eyes tightly shut, I felt a heavy warmth sag against me. Lifting my heavy lids I saw the one person I had meant too die for against me blood draining out her body. If the blow had killed her it wouldn't have been as sad to cradle her in my arms and watch her slowly die. Utterly "I love you" so quietly that only the wind could truly hear it. When she died and her lasting warmth began to fade only then did I raise the gun again, watching her as I did. BAM!

They said it was only a crush…I guess they were wrong.