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Ophelia's eyes fluttered open and she saw that she was in her room lying down on her bed. A maid was sitting down on a wooden stool. " My lady," she said. " What has happened?" Ophelia asked sitting up quickly.

" The King has been badly wounded but we do not know who did it. And you-you must have fainted when somebody stabbed him," the maid explained. Ophelia felt a great hunger and she clenched her stomach tightly. " I'm hungry," she moaned.

The maid lifted up a plate from Ophelia's dresser. " I thought you would be hungry. You've been asleep for two nights," she said. There were eggs and pieces of ham and chicken on the plate.

Ophelia grabbed it and ate at it like an animal. " Where is the King," she mumbled as she chewed her food rudely. " He's in the Great Hall giving orders to the Spaniard Army," she said silently.

Ophelia stopped chewing; she looked into the maid's green eyes and said, " What is he doing?" The maid sighed and said, " He is going to have Captain Leonardo be killed. For being accused of stabbing him and attempt murder. He was found on your balcony with a sword in his hand…but it had no blood."

Ophelia stumbled out of her bed and stood up. She was in her nightgown and didn't care. She ran through the hallways and down the stairs screaming her lover's name. She came to the Great Hall and saw the backs of the soldiers'. They turned around and shook their head slightly.

One soldier said, " Don't come in here…milady…it's for your own good." Ophelia ignored them and made her way through the crowd of soldiers. She saw Leonardo's back and he was on his knees.

Ophelia screamed " Leonardo" and ran over to him. He was unharmed but he was speechless. He just stared blankly into Ophelia's face. " Leonardo? Sweetie?" she said and held his face with both of her hands. He was cold. He looked like he was trying to say something but it didn't come out.

Foam came out of his mouth and his face went pale. He then fell into Ophelia's arms. She gasped and felt blood on her fingers as his stomach pressed onto her hands. She looked down at his wound and saw that he had been stabbed and the dagger was still pierced into his stomach. It was a wound that he could survive though.

" Poison," Armand said simply behind her. Ophelia's eyes filled with tears. She looked behind her and saw Armand standing there. " Why? He has done nothing to you," she said to him. He squinted his eyes with anger and said, " Yes he has. He has stabbed me."

Ophelia stood up on her feet and looked him in his green cold eyes. " I am the one who has harmed you! I was the one who has stabbed you in your bed! I will not tolerate being with you any longer!" she said coldly and crouched down to Leonardo's corpse.

" So you did this?" Armand said elaborating on his anger as he pulled out a sword from his waist. Ophelia pulled the dagger from Leonardo's stomach and said, " Yes! And I'll do it again!"

She stood up and plunged the dagger into Armand's heart. His warm blood gushed out onto her hand and dripped onto the cold marble floor. But she noticed something as he fell down onto his knees. She noticed that he was letting go of his sword, which was pierced right below her right breast.

That was when she felt the horrible pain. Her knees and ankles became weak. As she collapsed she said, " Get me help." She fainted.

There I was looking at the colored replica of me sitting in her throne beside the colored man. " My beautiful soldiers…bring me my sister," the woman said to the soldiers who guarded the entrance to the pyramid.

I wish I could move and follow those soldiers, who went out of the pyramid. But I just kept staring at the woman who had my eyes and face. Who exactly was she? Why do I continue dreaming these dreams?

The soldiers came back and brought back a pretty woman with black eyes and brown hair that went down to her waist. The soldiers held her tightly and she was struggling to leave.

" Adyta you think that the curs is true? You think I do not hear gossips in my village? My city? My kingdom?" Razaimara hissed. " You are a witch! Believe or not! You have killed many! And I mean many! Just with strike of those haunted eyes that went way back! You-you brought those eyes back from the dead! You were never born with them! And you know it! Your evil!" Adyta's words struck Razaimara.

" You have displeased me…and for that I shall have you killed," Razaimara said with silent anger. " Go ahead kill me! But you know those eyes are just the eyes of the devil's eyes! You have killed mother…and now you will kill me!" Adyta screamed as blood tears brimmed her eyes.

" That is where you are wrong my beloved sister! Because I shall not kill you…you will kill yourself!" Razaimara hissed. She picked up a silver sword that was underneath her throne and threw it at Adyta's feet.

Adyta just looked down upon it and blood tears started coming out of her eyes and dripped onto the sword. The guards released her and she just stood there not even daring to escape." Do it before my eyes or I shall have you tortured!" Razaimara hissed.

Then Adyta started laughing an insane laugh. " You do not know what you are doing RAZAIMARA! You have no clue! Yessss…can you feel the anxiety?" she said as she quickly picked up the silver sword.

" Shut up!" Razaimara hissed. Adyta just laughed insanely again and pressed the sharp end of the sword towards heart waiting for Razaimara for her last words before she died.

" You shall rot in the dirt of the jungles. You will not be buried properly! You will not be a spirit or a demon! You would just be nothing for all eternity! Silly ignorant child…you know nothing of anything. Now you will die," Razaimara said and smiled, making herself feel better.

Adyta returned her smiled as she held the silver sword against the center of her heart. " We will see who truly dies," she said with clenched teeth and plunged the sword deep into her heart and out of her back.

As she fell down on her knees, as she parted her lips letting blood gush out, and as her head hit the ground, a strong gust of wind blew through the temple. It blew through Razaimara's hair. She just stayed there still and impassive, as the guards became frightened.

" My beautiful soldiers do not be alarmed…it is only the raft of my anger," she said calmly. They did not believe her. She was not capable of doing that. Or were Adyta telling the truth? I do not know what is going on.

The dream got blurry…

Ophelia woke up to women's and soldier's whispering prayers and some sounded like they were crying. She opened her eyes and saw the marble ceiling of the castle and the bright chandeliers.

She stood up and looked around her. Maids and soldiers were looking down and praying. They ignored her. Ophelia looked down and screamed! There she was…a bloody corpse with her dark-turquoise eyes wide open with emptiness.

I'm dead, she thought with wide eyes, why didn't anyone help me? " Leonardo?" she said to herself. He must be here, she thought. She turned around and cried out his name…nothing.

" You are not dead," a voice said. Ophelia looked behind her and around her, but saw no one. That feminine voice sounded so familiar and so…aggravating. The voice made her want to kill whoever said that.

" It is time," the voice said now echoing the room. " Show yourself!" Ophelia hissed with anger. " Here I am," the voice whispered behind her back. Ophelia shuddered with fear and turned around. All she saw were canine claws coming towards her face and she gasped.

Ophelia screamed as she rose from the dead, as the soldiers and the maids gasped, and as the church bell rang loudly outside the castle. There she was in that same spot where she had laid in sticky dried blood of Armand's and hers.

" Holy shit!" one soldier yelled as they all backed up. Ophelia looked at her chest and saw the sword still stuck in her. She opened her mouth with awe and confusion. She placed her two hands on the sword and slowly pulled it out. As she pulled it out she had visions of Adyta in reverse making her seem like she was pulling hers out too.

And as soon Ophelia pulled that sword out, the vision was gone. The wound healed in a blink of an eye and everyone around her was scared to death. Ophelia looked at her hands making sure that that was the blood of hers. It was. Reality seemed like it was becoming a very bad play to her.

Ophelia hissed as she felt her right side of her cheek. Four deep red scratches were appearing. That was the only thing that seemed to hurt. Everyone stayed still in a wide circle around her.

Something then overcame her like a gust of wind. Her eyes widened and her heart sped then slowed down. Something told her that she wasn't her same self…of course but it was different.

She looked around the Great Hall then looked at the soldiers in front of her. They backed up a little more with their eyes widened with horror. One of the soldiers mouthed out the word ' witch' or 'weird.' She couldn't tell.

" My beautiful…beautiful soldiers…" that voice was not her voice and neither was that her talking, " do not be afraid…this is just the raft of my power." The voice was so not…Ophelia. It was deep and accented. Her tongue had rolled as she talked. Her voice was like a harp, very calming and soothing.

Ophelia stared at one particular soldier. He had brown wild hair that fell over his eyes and he had big hazel brown eyes that really stood out. Ophelia reached out her bloodstained arm, motioning him to help her up.

The soldier widened his eyes more with fear. The wound that went into her chest and out of her back was completely healed. Ophelia mouthed out the words ' beautiful soldier.'

The soldier started off with a step forward but another soldier placed his hand on his shoulder motioning him to stop. With a glare of Ophelia's eyes the soldier hissed and fell backwards. The soldier looked at the hurt soldier and then at Ophelia's penetrating eyes.

The hurt soldier lay there, breathing hard as he twitched, then he laid still. He was not dead. The nervous soldier continued taking small reluctant steps until he got to Ophelia.

Ophelia looked up at him and smiled viciously making the soldier want to run away. The soldier swallowed a wad of spit in his throat and reached out grabbed Ophelia's cold, corpsy, and sticky with blood.

Whispers. Whispers filled the soldiers mind for just a split second. He pulled her up quickly and tried to let go of her hand but it just held tight. She was taller than him…much taller. But it had always been like that. Ophelia one of the tallest women in the kingdom. Not as tall as King Armand…but still very tall.

" W-what do you want with me?" the frightened soldier asked still trying to struggle from her hand but it just didn't budge. " Coward! Do you not want to fight me? Just like a soldier would…" Ophelia said than paused thinking as she just stared into the frightened soldier's eyes.

A moment of silence passed and then she said," Why did no one help me?" She looked around at the soldiers and maids.