Be it as it is

Take my hand and strap them down

Blind fold me

Take my clothes

Kiss my eyelids

Leave me nothing

Kiss my shoulders as you roll me in to the dirt

Pull my rings off and bring the skin over its self like a sock it will flap

Pull my hair at the roots and kiss my blood away

Hold my hand and turn my wrist fast till it cracks

Look in my eye as you dislocate my hips

In out

Fist fist face face

Heated breath your sweat on my skin

You hold me your kisses at my checks

Swollen blue

You look me in the eyes as I die

And you utter word of fairy tales

Sweet dreams

Your weight builds and my ribs fold

For the first time I reach out and your gone

I lay on your sheets the covers leaving creases on my damp skin

I can hear you under me your in the kitchen

I let a sigh leave my split lips

It will be over soon

For the first time you kiss me on the lips

I choke on blood and cry

Your kiss is heavier and I don't say anything

The pain is a river I'm float down it

Hitting the stones that line the bottom I lift

High higher

Till your hits are hollow sounds of fists on dead flesh