Suddenly I become what I tried to never be

In an instant I'm stuck at sea

Take a breath, blink a tear

In a second you're lost in here

Hold your breath, let it out

In a minute all is doubt

Look at what we have become

So awful and full of lies and deciet

Minds full of vodka and rum

Sex is just an after meal treat

The world will tell you what you want to hear

If you're beautiful and full of fame

But hold on to your heart my dear

If you're not part of the Hollywood game

Time is running out

People filling up with sorrow

I'm gaining more and more doubt

And there's no promise of tommorrow

Rain falling on the sun shine

The moon becoming so bright

The trees glistening like holy shrines

And the grass beautiful in the light

People walking to and fro

Lost to all the unknown

When shall our hearts we see

Life will come when you come back to thee

The heart will pull you back to love so true

But just know that people comprehend different then you

Interputations different and full of mystery

Oh when oh when will our eyes may see