If I had a car?

A normal question to ask,for someone like me that doesn't.

In this room with the computer.

While listening to Gorillaz.(Fucking great Band and inspirational)

Jump every moment

You got to press on you

You just a thinking

Thats want you do

Ok ok back to the Picture!

If i had a Car(before i get distracted hehe)

Man if i had a car

My Life would change

But thats not really the point

I mean i have a Car

But the piece of ShiT is Laying in my Backyard

Rottening away

Needs a New batter

But the real problems before any of that stuff like battery and cars

Becomes important

My permanent

Before you can drive Legally

But thats not the point either

What i am i doing

Its the summer(i need some imagination)

Now if i had a car

Me my brother thats also rottening in my room

My Friends Which none of us Have a Car

Go to the Beach

Travel to Mobile go shopping

And then Go Buy Gorillaz New CD(demons Days)

Then Go hunt Down Spencer

Oh the days would change

But i confess to myself

I am a Loner with Zero Car

The Devil Worships My distress

Never will I rest