Do you Trust me?

The mask hit the table and all eyes were on it. Then the knife was stuck into the table and all drinking stopped. The mask stared at them silently and for seemed like forever, finally Henry spoke up.

"You are out of your mind."

John merely sat back in his seat and sipped on his beer.

"You 'fraid?" he asked John.

"Hell yes," Bean answered for him, "you must be out of mind if you think I'm going to sleep with someone running around with a knife in this house. What's worse, you want us to go back to school without knowing who has it?" He looked around with a nonchalantly as if to say he was done with it.

"I don't see what the problem is," John said. " We're all boys, right? Nothing's going to happen." He turned and looked for approval. "What do you think, Mike?" Mike had a half gleam in his eye.

" I don't see what wrong," he said as he rubbed his hands together. "I wouldn't mind being a little crazy for a while."

"Shit," Henry said motioning to the knife. "that ain't a little crazy."

"Dog, ain't shit gonna happen, cause no one's going to do anything. All that's going to happen is that we all go to sleep tonight and one of us can come and get the knife and mask anytime. If we leave it, we leave it. If not, the rest of us have to figure out who has the mask and knife. " Jay assured him. "What's a matter, you don't trust your own boys?"

'Jay, I know were drunk, but were not THAT drunk."

"Henry, if you were gonna kill me, you would done so already. Were roommates as it and you could have killed me a long time ago if you wanted to. And I don't have any problems with anyone here, at least not anything where I wanna kill anybody. It's just a game."

"I don't know, Jay. The human mind if a very unpredictable thing," Bean told him. "We don't know what kind of shit were capable of if we were put in the situation." John looked at been like he wasn't listening.

"You mean you think you could kill me?" he asked him.

" I don't know." Bean answered. "I don't know what I would do if the situation called for it."

"Y'all just scary. That's all there is to it." He sat back in his chair again and threw his hands up. Then Mike picked up the knife and began to look at it. He turned it around in his hand and let the light reflect off it into his eyes. Everyone began staring at him. Then he turned to Henry and began to stab at him with it jokingly.

"Quit playin!" Herny jumped out of his seat covered his face. Mike began to grin.

"I was just joking," Mike told him. Then he put the knife back in the middle of the table and sat back down.

"See what I mean?" Bean told him. John rolled his eyes.

"That's some shit Mike would do anyway." John said. "You see the man's drunk."

"And enjoying every minute of it." Mike piped in. He folded his arms and grinned at them all.

"Man, fuck this shit, I'm go'in to bed. We gotta be on the road in the morning anyway." Bean got up and headed to the back room. Slowly Henry got up and walked towards the stairs.

"Scary. . ." Mike just shook his head and took a swig of his bottle of Gin, most of which he finished himself, then got up out of his seat and headed up the stairs. Finally, John got up and headed up to the back room, but not before looking at the knife and mask again.