May 16, 2006

I tried my friend
I did
So you would not peer
Out into the waters of bleakness
-in which our minds are shown; not bodies-
into your reflection

I've tried to put down my faith
On the stars that you were an angel
One who shall seem to fall but never has;
A pure phoenix inside a stained powered raven
But reality hits
As I see the raven crashes into the bowls of hell
Waiting for his inner spirit to guide him out
Though he puts a strong face and denies…
But we know…

But it was never heaven rejecting him
It was him who rejected willing souls to befriend him
Don't you see
We are here to guide you out
Bring out the angel inside
Conquer your darkness?
Don't you realize
You weren't weak in strength
But failed at the heart's mist

Some of us will keep you restrained
Some will only say you are unworthy
Others though few, will restore your golden wings
So will you still be weak
Despite your concrete face of a lost soul?

Tell me, my bleak friend, did you wish to be
Forever-an eternal Heaven's Reject?

A/N: I tried to look deeper into his soul...past his face of mockery and lies...and I thought I found something soft but I guess I never did...and one of my...friend, well, he inspired me ...rephrase: told me-for this term 'Heaven's Reject', which I used to describe one of my long-term enemy whom no one knows of...