Dotted with colorful red bumps.

Have I learned nothing from this?

Nada nada nada.

Take a walk

Oh so healing.

Crying on park step.

The world blurry.

Stare up at sky,

It's closing in.

No glimmer of stars

No trace of hope.

I wish you'd call once in a while

Just to check on me.

I will you still cared.

I wanted to

seize this urge.

Ride on this hysteria.

The gentleness you bring to a room,

Means nothing.

A hundred times I whisper

for you to turn around.

Note under door.

Picture you stepping in

Finding it.

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.

Then I'm back.

Letting it all press in.

Here again.

Pointing tip deeper and deeper in.

Bubble. Hearts.

Bursting. Bursting.


Breaking skin.

Here again.

Here again.



Here again.

Tracing the outline

Of a thumbnail.

Walking crying swearing.

Caring way too much.

Under this clouding ceiling I am

Here again.