Should I run?

I mean what if he accuses me of being a peeping tom—or would I be a tomette—I'm really not! It's not my fault my door wouldn't open.

I watched as he shook his head and blinked his eyes. When he opened them again, I waved me hand.

Yep, I'm still here, though I'm wishing I took that cruise the telemarketer was telling me about. Who cares if the cost was worth a couple of paychecks, at least I wouldn't be in this situation.

I started hyperventilating when he started walking towards me.

What was that Chris Cagle song again?

Ah…breathe in, an' breathe out / Put one foot in front of the other.

Or in my case, put one foot behind the other. I started backing up when he opened the door, but then stopped when I realized I would have no place to go.

I may be embarrassed but I wasn't about to take a flying leap of the balcony.

He cocked his head to the side, staring at me, with pale silver eyes.

I shook my head and started to explain, "This isn't what you're probably thinking it is."

"What am I supposedly thinking," he asked, propping his shoulder against the side of the door.

He had a deep voice, one that caused shivers to run down my spine, not that I would admit that.

Stare at his face, stare at his face…oh what the hell, my gaze travels down his chest.

Damn, Carla was right. The man was downright sexy.

I ran my tongue across my bottom of my lips and glanced up to see the smirk forming on his face.

"First off, this isn't how I wanted to meet you."

"You being," he asked, leaving the question hanging in the air.

I hold out my right hand which he grasped. "I'm Robyn Williams."

I cringed when I saw his eyebrow rise when I said my name.

"My parents were huge fans of Mork and Mindy," I explained.

He laughed, "Well at least they didn't name you Mork."

My eyes widen, "I would have divorced them if I could."

"Can kids divorce their parents?"

"If they can't, I would have figured out a way."

He nodded his head and asked, "So what did you think I was thinking when I saw you?"

"Do I look like a psychic?"

His eyes slowly traveled down, stopping in areas, before coming up. When I pulled my shirt down, he grinned.

"Well ma'am I don't know about that, but you did say that it wasn't what I was thinking, and I was just wondering you thought?"

Still blushing from his perusal, I answered, "I wasn't spying."

"You weren't? Because I'm pretty sure I saw you looking in."

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms under my chest and said defensively, "I was just trying to see if anyone was home."

"Ah and here I thought you wanted were trying to see me," he teased.

"In your dreams."

"Wet or dry?"

I gaped at him, surprised at what he said.

"Sorry that was rude," he said a few seconds later.

I nodded my head, "Look I was wondering—"

He rubbed his jaw and interrupted, "If you wanted to see me this bad why didn't you just knock on my door?"

I let out a laugh, staring at him in shock. "Wow, conceited much?"

"Well when you have a beautiful lady climbing your balcony you can tell me how conceited you'd get."

"Does that work?"

"I don't know you're the first woman to climb my balcony."

"You make it sound like I climbed up not over."


"I live right next door."

"You live next door," he said, drawing out each word.

I nodded my head, but stopped when he started to grin. "What?"

"Nothing at all I was just wondering where's the silky red negligee?"

"You heard," I gasped out loud.

"The elevator is directly across my door and the walls are pretty thin"

"I'll keep that in mind," I replied, not knowing what else I should say.

"Why's that, planning a hot night in with the man that won't call?"

"No he lucked out. I meant I'll keep it in my mind when I hear some noises coming from your apartment."

"I promise I won't bang that loud," he said sincerely.

Don't think about it, just ignore what he said and ask for the phone. Leave as fast as you can.

"I can't believe you just said that."

Why couldn't I keep my mouth shut?

"What? I was just saying that I wouldn't hit anything in the morning. I know when I pound into things, I can get loud."

Holy shit…

I give a nervous laugh and look over at my balcony. I should have stayed over there.

He started laughing, "You have a dirty mind."

"Me? Looks who talking?"

"When I can't sleep I work."

"Exactly what do you do for a living?"

"Give me a break lady, I'm a carpenter, I build things—dressers, shelves, beds—to name a few."


He asked, "Do you want to take this inside? It's getting chilly."

I looked at him suspiciously, "I'm not sure if we should."

His grin got wider if that was possible. "And why's that? Afraid you'll give into temptation?"

I glared at him, "Get you mind out of the gutter."

He motioned for us to go inside, but instead of sitting down, he grabbed the forgotten pair of sweats. He rummaged through the box again and tossed me another pair.

I grabbed the sweats and stared at it as if they were a foreign object. "What's this for?"

"Well I really don't think it was your intention to flash you lacy blue underwear at me, but if it was, well then by all means, don't stop."

I growled in frustration, while he walked into his bedroom laughing.

When he returned I was sitting on his couch wearing his pants.

"Maybe I should tell you that I also don't have a sugar, I do have salt," he said, sitting down on the loveseat.

I scrunched my nose, "What? You put salt in your coffee?"

He laughed, "No, I drink my coffee black, I only offered salt as an excuse to carry something out of here. You don't want to seem easy."

I shook my head, "You know what I think I'm going to have to tone down that ego of yours."

"What's wrong with my ego?"

"Um…how about the fact that it's overblown?"

"Then what's your excuse?"

"My excuse," I asked, baffled at how he jumped from topic to topic.

"Well if you won't admit the real reason why you're here, I was wondering what lie your sticking to."

"You're unbelievable."

"Making assumptions already, I'm flattered," he said, placing his hand onto his chest—which was still bare. Was it that hard to slip a shirt on, though I'm not complaining about the view.

I snorted. "Isn't there a saying that when a person repeatedly denies something that it is true?"

"What does that have to do with this?"

"Well I was just wondering if a person frequently voices something to be true than it is really a lie."

"I don't think it works that way."

"Says the man in question."

He glared at me before smiling, "Well if that's the case, you keep denying the reason why you're here. Would you now care to explain?"


"Hmm…silence, interesting answer."

"Can I borrow your phone?"

His silver eyes squinted as he tried to figure out what I meant. "My phone?"

"My sliding door is stuck, I wanted to call the landlord and see if he can open my door for me."

"Is it really stuck?"

"No this is a lie; I really just wanted to see you. Take me now you sexy man," I said, sarcastically.

He gave me a rueful shrug and ran his hand through his hair.


"I try."

He got up and handed me his cordless phone, "His number is nine on speed dial."

I took the phone and pressed nine. I was listening to the phone ring when I heard a knock on his door.

Still standing, he motioned for me to continue with the phone call as he went to open the door.

It was still ringing when I looked up to see who was at the door.

There was Carla standing in a red negligee asking to come in.

I realized I didn't catch his name when he turned around and gave me a pointed look.

Carla stepped in but stopped when she saw I was there.


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