As a professional killer for the Kingdom of Lyrsea, Lucas' devotion belongs to the King, but his heart belongs to Adelais.

As a woman in Lyrsea, Adelais has two choices. Marriage. Or Prostitution. If she were Queen, she'd changed the rules.

As King of Lyrsea, Damien is entitled to what he wants. And he wants Adelais

A secret marriage.

A ruthless betrayal.

A vengeful battle for power.

Nothing is fair in love and war.

Hello! If you've stumbled across Covet nearly two decades later, I apologize it never found a home. It was one of my most favorite stories I'd written, but I had to let it go. I've often thought about updating it and rebranding it for the world. Hopefully you'll still stick around and see what it becomes. Certainly feel free to get in touch with me. I still love hearing from former readers!