"Point those toes ladies," her voice rang in my head and I bent my ankle back farther. Her name was Madame Cake. Madame as in teacher and cake as in never ate. Her slim body kept with us even though she had the wrinkles of a forty year old.

'Know thyself was taught by…' come on I should know that. "Keep pointing!" 'Know thyself, know thyself, know thyself…' "Leap!" I launched myself in the air and as if the answer was a cloud I soared through it and 'Socrates!'

I came down gracefully not making a sound as I landed, and continued pointing my toes. The sound of her clapping let our bodies relax. I walked over to a balance bar and stretched the inside of my right thigh.

"The Magna Carta was signed in the year…" "Cramming again the day before a test I suppose." The Madame stood over me like a queen which kind of a ridiculous thought since she was in a leotard of a thousand colors. "1215, yes Madame, we aren't having tutoring anymore so it's up to me to get A's." I switched legs and stretched.

"It's always up to you, no one else's fault you succeed." "Make it sound like a bad thing Madame." She put her chin a little higher and moved on to another dancer. You could tell how much she missed giving me guidance on life and dance, even though she probably thought they were both the same thing. But it wasn't, and moving into my sixteenth year of life separated those two things farther and farther apart.

First there is food, no soda at parties and definitely no chocolate. Pretty much stuff that wasn't over fifteen calories.

Then there is boys. Madame was not blind to teen pregnancy. "Babies make you fat, you will be kicked out of this class if I ever see you with a boy."

School, studies are to be up to a four point zero or career as a dancer is over.

"Class is over, please practice over the weekend and we will start on Monday." I picked up my duffel bag and left the building. I swung the bag over my shoulder, and slipped my ear phones in my ears and put the music to the highest level possible and James Blunt's voice poured into me. "You're beautiful…" I sung in probably the most horrid voice, but no one was around to hear so I let it go. Then the next song came and then I sang that too.

I guess you could say I lived in a happy neighborhood, Prozacville is what the burn out hall called it. With their cigarettes tightly lodged in their lips as they stared at me smiling, like vultures who knew I was a sick zebra in the middle of a pack of lions. I didn't really care though, they were probably never going to make it in the real world anyway, with their D averages, after that thought I devoted the feeling of my music.

"Tally!" I heard it clear as a bell over my music. My ears only picked up the most important sounds. I took the ear phones off, and turned to see a tall lean African American girl. Her hair short and nappy hair pulled back in a pony tail as if she had just come out of Kenya. Her strong legs exposed by short red biker shorts and her white muscle tee shirt immodestly revealing no bra.

She had just stepped out of her black SUV, and was walking towards me.

"I was calling your name right once you got out of class." I shrugged my shoulders, as she got closer I smelled sweat on her body, she had gone running about ten seconds before she saw me.

Soon she stood in front of me. "I thought I told you I was going to come and pick you up from class today," she said as she bent down in front of me and touched her toes. I shrugged again as she looked up from her position.

"Is that all you can do?" She asked me. "Sorry tired from class and I have to go study for a test in history, so I have to get home." She came back up standing about my height five foot and seven inches. She took one of her feet in one of her hands and began stretching the tight muscles in her thighs.

"I can give you a ride the rest of the way," she said flicking her head back to her car. "That would be nice, thanks." I began walking over to her car and she jogged over to her passenger door and opened it for me. "Thanks babe." I slipped in her car and she walked in front of the car and slipped in on her side. She started her car and turned on the radio to classical music and we drove down the street.

She drove with one hand and rested one on the compartment between us. I traced circles on the back of it before slipped my pale white fingers between her chocolate brown fingers. I picked up her hand and kissed it. We sat like that and I felt like I was floating with the music as I closed my eyes and let my lips rest on her soft skin.

The car stopped but I didn't stop floating until I opened my eyes to see my house lights light up the darkness. Six o' clock read on her stereo clock. "Damn it's later than I thought." I said and she nodded glumly. I didn't reach for the handle though.

I looked over at her and dropped her hand and let her see a sad face and cocked my head at her. She leaned in slowly and I did the same and our lips met right over her compartment. She sucked on my bottom lip for a while and I wrapped both of my hands behind her neck and let the kiss go dangerously deeper until finally my body was shaking with gratitude.

"Oh babe, I don't think we should be doing this in front of your house." I took a breathe for what seemed the first time in a few minutes. I nodded but did not get out of the car. I said between the seats to the back and laid down on her soft pleather seats and put my hands flat against the tinted window. I smiled widely and she smiled reluctantly, and turned, slipped in a CD and let a woman sing our song, some song from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. When they set eyes on each other for the first time. A piano played out a beautiful melody as she slipped into the back with me. "Pride can stand a thousand trials…" She wrapped her hand around my neck gracefully and pulled my lips up to hers and we played that game for a little while until she began to move down my neck as I tried my best to keep my hands on the window.

She sucked on my bare collar bone and slowly slipped her hands up my tight shirt and as the song climaxed she grabbed my breasts and messaged them with hands gentle as silk touching skin and she moved back to my mouth when we felt the song coming to an end and we held each other, me no longer able to keep myself from touching her, and we laid like that. Then the song ended and we laid in silence as a Cabaret song came on.

I played with her nappy hair and she smiled at me with lips so thick that they would make a fat woman's fat rolls seem thin like slips of paper. We kissed again and now I advanced down south and only left her body when I reached her shorts. I looked up at her for permission and she shook her head.

I pouted and she shook her head again.

"Your parents are inside, I'd think of your mom the whole time," she said sadly. I sat up with a big disappointed look on my face, but I understood. "Not saying that would be a bad thing, your mom is one sexy momma!" She laughed and I slapped her bare thigh and laughed along until six thirty in numbers as blue as my mood shot out at me.

"I guess I better go, my parents will get pissed." I leaned over to her lips and we teased our bodies with our lips one more time and then I pulled away slowly, got out of the car, got my duffle bag out of the front seat, and left with one last blown kiss and she caught it in the air and put it in her pocket and we stared at each other as she started her car, I walked backwards and once I reached my door we broke it and I turned to enter my door way.

My duffle bag made a rustling sound against the tile as I set it next to my gym shoes and I took my shoes off and walked into the dining hall to see my family still at the table enjoying in ice cream, with the exception of my little sister who was overly enjoying a stick of celery, right next to my own plate of healthy sticks of vegetables.

"Look Tally, Madame has already taught me the importance of low weight, she did it before all the other girls. I think she likes me more." I smiled and patted her on her little blonde head and sat down to my own plate of vegetables, I picked up a grape and sucked on it and then right under my teeth it was crushed.

"Or maybe she just thinks you're fatter than the others." A pubescent voice said bluntly. "Don't tease Sara, Liam or you won't have anymore of that ice cream you understand?" My father scolded my thirteen year old brother who was sitting right across from me. I looked at his black spiked hair and knew he was Burn Out hall bound if he didn't clear up his act.

"So young lady, why are you so late tonight?" My mother's voice sound like she forgot she was at the table and not an investigation room like at her work. I looked at her and laughed to myself thinking of what Ahllie said, about how hot she was.

"I believe your mother asked you a question." I snapped out of it at my father's voice. "Probably with a boyfriend or something, right?" There was my mom out of work, a smile grazing her face.

"Nope, Madame says girls grow fat by boys so they aren't allowed to have one." My little sister said and my father began to laugh.

"Wait your teacher is already telling you not to get pregnant, you're only five. What kind of teacher is this?" My mother looked at me with her question, and I shrugged with a smile. "Don't worry mom, she didn't mean anything by it, anyway she just wanted me to stay behind for a little bit of an extra lesson." "You're that bad that she has to give you more damn lessons." "That's Liam leave the table and up to your room now.!" My father looked furious as Liam pushed out of the table and left for his room.

"She was showing me a NEW MOVE!" I yelled at his back. And when I looked back to my mother she smiled. "Well that's great honey, now you better finish your dinner and get to studying quickly, I know you want a good grade on that test tomorrow." I smiled and nodded, and looked down to see that my mother didn't really mean dinner when she said it.

I finished my last celery stick and jogged up to my room to get to studying . I passed my brother's room on the way, music making the door bounce back and forth in it's frame.

His door adorned with a Nine Inch Nails poster. I knocked on the lead singers face and out came. "Go away!" I opened the door to see him on his black twin bed doing his homework while moving his head back and forth to the music. He played Closer to God, my favorite song of Nine Inch Nails, on his five hundred dollar stereo.

"I just wanted to thank you for not saying anything about Ahllie when you had the opportunity." He nodded. "Does she make you happy?" I nodded with this big smile on my face. "Yeah, she does." "Then I have no idea what you're talking about." He goes back to homework and I walk over to him and pat his head and he swats it away with a smile.

"You're the best little bro, " I say before leaving his room and continuing onto my own. I opened my door to a pink shag carpeted bedroom, with a queen sized canopy bed by the window.

I stopped at my bookshelf to pick out my history book and flipped to chapter sixteen and began studying. When I was done with the first paragraph I looked at my teddy bears in the corner of my bed and picked out a black fluffy, overly stuffed teddy bear. A gift from Ahllie when she went to a carnival when I was sick. She went for thirty minutes before she drove to my house, climbed up my trellis to my second story window.

She gave it to me, said she won it, and then I got her sick too.

I sat the bear in my lap and continued with studying with a smile on my face.

"Aristotle wrote Politics," I stayed up reading to myself with the thought of Ahllie an undertone in my every thought.