Ahllie was sleeping when I woke up so I sat there with her breathe tickling my ear for about a minute or two. I wiggled out of her embrace but for some reason I ran out of couch and with the loudest, least graceful, landing I've had for a long time I ended up on the floor. An edge of the coffee table taking part of my skin with it. "Shit." My voice was at a whisper and Ahllie didn't even stir.

I pushed myself up with one of the edges and stood over Ahllie. She rested her cheek on her arm and she had her mouth wide open and she had a little strip of drool coming out her mouth. I checked my back to find any moist spots. Nope, thank God. I left the sight of her to go visit the refrigerator.

A cartoon of eggs sat there with it's friend orange juice, two things I can't eat or stand at all. "Let's see, we have bread, and eggs, oh and syrup!" I reached in and brought out the eggs and the syrup. I set them next to the bread and then brought out the pan and made a beautiful breakfast for the chicky on the couch.

She wasn't awake when I was done so I set the stuff on the table and kissed her slightly on the forehead. Her eyes finally flickered open. "Hey Ahllie." She smiled and then yawned out a "Morning." Then she took one big sniff and smiled even wider. "What did you make?" I moved out of the way to show you a plate of French toast and syrup on the side, all for her.

"Please tell me that's just regular toast." Not the reaction I wanted, but… "It's French just the way you like it," I chirped and her head fell in her hands. "My mom needed those eggs, she needed the whole carton." My good deed had been wrapped in a plastic bag and burnt to a crisp.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to do something romantic." She took a hold of my hand. "Don't worry we can just get some more at the market, I have a couple of hundreds in my room, from work." I nodded, but my guilty feeling still stayed firmly in place.

She sat up and waved to the spot beside her. "Come on sit down. We'll go after I eat." She cut her first piece but before stuffing it in her mouth she looked at me and asked, "Did you at least make toast for yourself?" I shook my head. "Not very hungry, the cookies filled me up for a week." I rubbed my stomach and realized how pissed Madame was going to be if she ever found out.

She played with the bite she cut off and then finally ate it. Her moan filled the room. "For someone who hasn't eaten it you sure know how to make it." I smiled happy she was happy. "Needs more syrup though," she said before picking up the bottle of syrup, but before hitting the pancakes she squirted it on my muscle t-shirt I fell asleep in.

"Ahllie, what the hell?" Some ended up on my skin right above the neckline and it was seeping through to my chest. :"Oops, let me fix that." She moved closer and put her hand behind my neck and pulled the skin right above the shirt to her lips. She sucked one spot dry.

"You even make syrup taste sweeter." I laughed as she returned her lips to my skin and I felt the heat from last night return. She freed my neck and used her hand to peel off my shirt.

"Honey, we shouldn't be doing this on your mom's couch." She didn't stop and she just made it harder for me to try to stop her. She ran her fingers up and down my skin and I felt like flinging my head back in ecstasy and let the ride go on, but instead something told me to stop this, so with all my power I stood.

She was shocked, but I turned around and walked to the bathroom bare breasted and letting my breasts fling from side to side as I power walked, not wanting the time to return to that couch.

I got into her orange tiled bathroom and slipped down the skirt I was wearing. I walked over to the bathroom, took a wipe to my chest and icky syrup hung off my fingers. I washed it off my hands and then turned the knob for cold just a little bit and then the hot knob went full blast and the shower woke up and little droplets flung at my skin. I stepped in with one foot and then I stood under the nozzle completely. I closed they're fish bowl curtains and reached for the body soap. I put some in the sponge and washed myself letting my hand linger everywhere.

Then my heart stopped. I heard the soft click of the door. I've been scared of the shower for a very long time, not like I wont take them, it just seems to be your most vulnerable spot. Not able to escape and naked to boot, which might be a very humiliating way to die. Okay I have an over riding imagination. I know.

I opened the curtain a little to find Ahllie slipping off her jeans and then she pulled up her shirt and un hooked her bra. I watched blushing still, after seeing her body so many times, and she knew I was watching because she lingered on every piece of clothing. So was I bashful.

I guess it's that people talk about when they're in love. Every time is like the first.

But she didn't get the fact that I did not want this. She wasn't listening. I let her open the curtain and climb in. Her nudity sent warmth like a fire would, she got close enough that her nipples touched mine and mine perked up instantly. She took the back of my head in her hand and tugged at my head but I wouldn't corporate.

She tried again, then she tried to put her lips to mine, but I dodged them. She looked at me disappointed and it forced me to look down and in that time I saw her hand reach the space between my legs, her pinky disappeared. "Yep, wet, so it ain't my fault," she withdrew her pinky and then withdrew herself from the shower. I watched her as she left, but I didn't ever look directly at her, I saw her back fleeting in the mirror, she looked to the mirror and smiled. She was telling me there was no hard feelings, but even then my heart broke because it seemed she was going to give up on me entirely.

I exhaled loudly and put myself under the spray of water and ran my hands through knots and picked up some shampoo and washed it. When I was finally satisfied with my body and it's freshness I wrapped a towel from the rack around my body and flung my hair back into a pony tail, sending cold water down my back as I squeezed my hair into a pony tail.

I stepped out of the shower on to the furry fish matt, and looked at myself in the foggy mirror, I looked like a ghost with no face, I wiped away the fog and smiled at myself and then left with out a glance back like Ahllie just did.

I went into Ahllie's room and got a big shirt that said "PROUD TO BE A SISTA" and a pair of her jogging shorts. After slipping them on I went to find Ahllie in the living room flipping through her ten basic cable channels, I didn't let myself be known not wanting to interrupt her concentration, then she settled on what sounded like cartoons and flung the controller to the other side of the couch and put her head on the arm rest and stretched the body I fell in love with across their black leather couch. She stretched her arms over her head and extended her legs all the way to her toes making her more than a foot too long for the couch. I entered unnoticed, or what it seemed to be unnoticed, and when I reached her I leaned down to her closed face to kiss her on the forehead, but before I got there she pushed my head back with her hand. "I don't feel like it." She went into the fetal position and opened her eyes to the TV. I went to the other side of the couch and sat in the open position and laid the controller onto my lap.

I set my head back onto the back of the couch, and reached for her feet but she scooted away. "Never take off your pearls," she said to me, and I gave her this questioning look but she didn't feel the need to look at me.

The eye was worse today, now it puffed and it was purple like someone had smashed a plum into her eye and cut and eye hole for her to see one, but it was very big because it was almost swelled shut.

"Maybe we should go get those eggs right now, your mom will be back soon." She nodded her head and got up to leave to her room, I followed to pick up my sneakers. We both did this with out a word and once we got in the car she put on the radio.

We didn't touch each other at all even though I left my hand wide open on the compartment.

"Babe, why you mad at me?" She shook her head, her glasses hiding any emotion in those big brown eyes she may have.

"Just giving you your space." I laid my head back and exhaled loudly. "Look babe I didn't mean to offend…" "You didn't offend me, I'm just giving what you want." She arrived at a stop sign and smiled, but again I had no idea what showed in those eyes.

"I mean everyone needs it once in a while." She suddenly got the case of the sniffles and then I was pretty sure what was behind those glasses.

We arrived in the parking lot and I got out first and waited for to join me and we walked in together. We didn't get a cart because all we needed was eggs and we wouldn't need any free hands this trip.

So we went into the dairy isle and she picked up a pack of eggs and as she bent over I saw a woman looking at her ass. She was a small Asian woman, her sunglasses tilted to the end of her nose so she could get a better view.

She looked up into my eyes for a second, smiled wider and then kept staring at my girlfriend. Then I realized how long Ahllie was taking get the eggs. Did she know there was a spectator?

I rested my hand on her ass telling the bitch she was mine, but she didn't stop looking and then Ahllie swatted my hand away, I sat it back up there and she swatted away again, and the lady had her eyebrows raised curiously now as if she was examining me, so I grabbed Ahllie's ass and before I knew it she turned and pushed me hard to the ground and I bumped my head hard against one of the shelves leaving me laying dizzy on the floor, all I could see was Ahllie stepping over me with the cartoon of eggs.

I shook my head, the vision became straight, but my head hurt so much and I could already feel the bump forming on my head. I stood slowly and looked around and the woman was gone. I followed out to Ahllie to find that she was already walking to the car.

I ran out the door calling, "Ahllie! Ahllie! AHLLIE!" She finally turned to look at me her mouth a straight line. "Ahllie why…" "Why are you so selfish Tally?" "What?" "You heard me, why do you have to be so selfish? I needed you this morning, and now you expect me to jump into your arms because it would make you feel better, or because some bitch wants me too. I'm not your fucking slave," she said before opening the car door sliding in, starting the car, and left me standing in the vast parking lot.

It was a twenty minute walk to my house so it gave me time to assess myself. Yeah I know it sounds stupid, but am I selfish, I don't mean to be. I can't be, wouldn't you know if your selfish. If I'm selfish, she's selfish, but maybe she was selfish because I was selfish.

I kicked at the floor disappointed of the weekend we were supposed to spend together. I know if Chuck hadn't hit her everything would have been fine, but the truth was he had and if we couldn't handle that, if I couldn't handle that, maybe I don't deserve Ahllie.

The thought brought pressure behind my nose and made eyes feel warm and light, my legs felt tingly and when the tears finally came I let them fall onto a straight face.

Was I doing her an injustice by being with her? More tears came. "Was she already looking for better? More and more tears came. "She should be." Now my body was subtly shaking with tears now.

"Sweet heart you okay, though you were at a friend's house?" It was my mom she was having a lawn party with one of neighbors.

All I did was smile at her direction, and nodded . At what I was agreeing to I have no idea.

The lights were out in the house so I pulled out my key and slipped in and not looking at my family even though they were watching me worried why I didn't come join them, I even caught a glance of my little brother doing the same, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't so curious he knew why I didn't feel like joining them.

I walked past the dining room and the living room and walked up my stairs and into the hall way and into my bedroom. It was dark and I didn't plan on turning on the light just turned on my computer's music player turned off the screen so no light would show and crawled under the blankets of my bed.

I hugged the pillow close to me and I wept hard and fast, but my tears were gone. Music passed and I didn't remember what any of the words were, it was just this melting pot of noises, none of them cheering me up.

It became shockingly cold and I hugged the blankets closer to my body and like what a jaguar would sound like a person's foot steps crossed the distance between my window and my bed. My head looked up from the pillow only a little to find a shadow of a body, like a goddess it's body became bare in front of me and then crawled under the covers with me.

Her eye was no worse than before but it still hurt. I put my hand to it and she flinched for only a second but then let me trace it, she then looked for the bump on my head and held her hand on it. We got deeper into the covers until our heads didn't peak out.

"Ahllie…" "What?" "I want you to promise me you will never cry over anything I do, or ove me at all." She looked up at me and the only part of her face I could see was asking why. I wiped the hair from her face and kissed her cheek. "It hurts really bad," I said and she looked down from shame.

I took her chin in my hands and looked her straight in the face. "It wasn't your fault, better yet don't cry over this relationship, yeah that's better wording, if I die or something go ahead and cry, but if I fuck this up…" I put her hand on my heart and mine on hers, I know corny. "…Don't cry, because it hurts and it was probably my fault anyway." We laugh at that a little.

She starts kissing my first but I'm the one that reached for her breast. "Shouldn't we talk about this, or what happened?" Ahllie asked. "I'm not the one who came and undressed herself," I said with a smile and then she got that shameful look again. "Yes, I do think we should talk, I'm sorry about my selfishness. I had no right to expect something from you that you couldn't get from me, I just thought you were in the mood and I wasn't, and when that bitch started looking you up and down…" "I had no right…" She cut me off which was best. "…To not listen to you. I wanted to be held by you and I'm just wondering why you didn't want to be with me." "Well, I guess I just wanted to do this, sorry I didn't say it, but babe sometimes I just want to talk about anything with you sometimes," I said and she nodded.

"So do you want to talk about anything right now?" She asked and I shook my head and we laughed to each others lips and we kissed and then we began to get my clothes off, and we joined each other's hips and she got on top of me and she grinded me and she lifted her body away from mine and I held her hips with my hands and we just did that in the dark and let each other swirl together like a marble ice cream and my moans were silent afraid the neighbors might hear through the window.

"I'm about to…" "Me too…" We whispered only those few words and let everything go in silence and as my body and sould was lifted up with her sensual touches my light went on and her body was clear and her skin ebony and strong I kissed her stomach and with her the action of her hips stopping I realized that no one was there to turn on the lights.

"Liam, Sara go to your room," my body felt like it had been run over a truck and I slammed my head against the pillow wishing it was a rock. "Fuck!" Oh great had to say fuck right in front of my parents.

"Sorry Mrs. Thornman Mr. Thornman, ha ha I bet we'll laugh about this soon." No we wouldn't.