Moonlight Becomes You

Let moonlight become you
On a warm summer's night
Let starshine caress you
Shimmering softly, glowing bright

Let the wind calm your soul
Be kissed by the rain
Embrace Mother Nature
Become one and the same

For when moonlight becomes you
After the setting of the sun
And darkness is around you
When you and mother earth are joined as one

It is then that you will notice
It is then that you will see
It is then that you will feel
How kind the earth can be

When you are tired
And you need to drift away and sleep
Mother Nature will sing a lullaby
With the waves of oceans deep

When you are scared
Or lonely, and you don't know what to do
Mother Nature will be at your side
To protect and guide you through

So in your hour of darkness
In all your times of need
Be not afraid, my child
For Mother Earth will take the lead…