Someone asked me,
"What do you like about ants?"
A queer question indeed

They're just six-legged creatures
Tiny, insignificant
And I can just easily give them a fatal crush
With my mighty little finger!

The finger is mightier than the sword

But, before you see one ant
And decide to press it dead
Think twice

I remember the queer question:
So, I decide to observe them

Small little ants though they are
One grain of rice,
Tens come surrounding it

I gently pinch one ant off
Comrades scurry helter-skelter
Have they felt pain for the poor little one?

Oblivious they may seem
Deep down, resilience governs them
The power of teamwork
Is exhibited by creatures far tinier than us

The spirit of self-sacrifice
Something which most human undoubtedly lack
Yet, even the tiny ant understands

"What do you like about ants?"
The question that stimulates me
Sets me into thinking –

tiny ants can be MIGHTIER
than us