As I walked around inside the wood,
lis'ning to the robins's call,
I came upon a hidden stream,
that turned into a waterfall.

The sound of splashing came to ear,
as I looked around with awe,
What better word than "glittering",
to describe the things I saw.

Patches of snow lay here and there,
protected from the sun,
Pink flowers fell from all the trees,
enough to weigh a ton.

A gust of wind swept by my face,
the smell of blossoms found my nose,
The cooling temp'ture brought a fog and mist
that clung onto my clothes.

The trees hung like a grandma willow,
the grass was limp with dew,
I looked up to the fading sky,
it was a misty blue.

The rocks below the waterfall,
were damp with a flush of water,
On the shoreline was a nest,
where a newborn deer would totter.

When dusk had faded into night,
when the silence frogs had cleaved,
I felt my heart sink an inch or two,
for I knew it was time to leave.

A single tear rolled down my cheek,
I felt so empty hearted,
For all this beauty I could not share,
again when I departed.

I have now described these things to you,
I feel I've played my part,
For all this beauty really was,
just a picture in my heart.