I opened my eyes. It was just before dawn again. The sky was blue with the hint of the upcoming day. I remembered what Ellie had told me in my dream...or was it a dream? My mind felt clouded and my head heavy with thoughts. I saw Theresa sleeping on the cold, hard ground. I walked quietly over to her, bent down, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
Immediately, my face felt warm, my mind unclouded and I realized that she was the woman who I would spend the rest of my life loving. She had everything I ever had in my little sister: love, compassion, and best of all, wisdom. She made mistakes like everybody else, and like most everybody else, she regretted them. I made up my mind that I would run away with her, and we would leave the country to live in another. I looked over at William and my mind began to form a plan.
I gently shook Theresa. She woke up, and this time, she didn't attack me, but simply smiled. As she was about to speak, I put a finger up to my lips and with my knife, cut her bonds. I winced as I saw her raw and bleeding wrists. I apologized with a simple look of "I'm sorry." She nodded to show she understood.
I quietly tiptoed over to William, and without a sound, tied his feet and arms, each to a different tree. I then left a note in the dirt with my finger for him to read. It said:
Dear William,
I am truly sorry for tying you up, but I could think of no other alternative. I'm not sure if you already guessed, but I have left with Theresa. I have fallen in love with her. We are going far away from this country, and I'm not going to tell you in case you decide to follow.
I know I swore revenge on her, but I have realized that we all make mistakes. Hopefully you can learn to forgive me for this one, but if you don't,
I understand. Please forgive me for this thing that I have done.
Jonathan Theresa and I managed to escape. A month later, we were wed. I wrote to my parents, and told them of my story. I'm not sure if they'll ever forgive me for what I've done, but I know, that I've done what's right, and if I'm mistaken, then that's too bad. I've found everything in my life that makes it worth living. I know I'll never forget the moments that have led up to my eternal happiness.