Classy and Fabulous

Summary: Coco Chanel's words were her Bible, clothes weren't worth it unless it was designer, and shoes weren't shoes if they weren't Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahnik. Brianna Woods wasn't ready to move from her perfect, exciting New York City life to something quite so…rural.

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Chapter 1

"Coco Chanel Would Not Stand for This"

"We're going to be living here!? This whole place is screaming Hicksville, USA!"

Twinkle, her mother's dog barked at her. She glared back at the dog.

"Oh shush!"

Brianna Woods, in all her glory, was livid. She refused to accept the fact that she was going to live here. She hadn't been so upset since Twinkle tinkled on her teddy bear, Mrs. Muffin, in fifth grade.

In the passenger seat of the silver Mercedes, her mother, Lillian McDaniel Woods, sighed, "Really, Brianna, we're only in Pennsylvania."

Brianna folded her arms over her chest and huffed, "Close enough."

Lillian looked in the mirror to see her seventeen year old daughter sulking.

"You should really give this place a chance. The town we're going to be living in is really cute."

"Cute?" Brianna scoffed. "I don't think I'm going to be enjoying any time I spend in this cute town." Lillian sighed helplessly. Brianna rolled her blue-green eyes and looked out the window. Everything was green and blue, so, so country.

Where were the buildings, the traffic, the hoards of people, and the bustling life of the city?

Brianna sighed tiredly.

Who in the world would trade in the lively life of New York City for some town in the middle of nowhere?

Oh yeah, my parents, that's who.

Brianna sat in the leather seats of the Mercedes, her expensive Gucci sunglasses perched on her nose, her Coach bag placed right next to her, and her manicured nails folded across her chest and stared out the window.

Corn fields.





And more grass.


Brianna huffed and glared at the back of her mother's head. Wind blew in her face as the car sped down the empty highway. She twitched as her nose came in contact with a horrible smell. Her whole face contorted in a look of absolute disgust. Brianna clamped a hand over her nose.

"My God, close the windows!" she cried frantically from behind her hand, gesturing at the driver. The driver glanced back at Brianna before closing all the windows.

"Disgusting!" she spat as the last of the windows closed. "Ugh… I'm going to be tainted with that smell for the rest of the day."

Brianna rummaged through her Coach bag.

"Did you really have to make such a scene?" Lillian asked her daughter. Brianna, looked up from her rummaging, her bottle of Burberry perfume in hand. She flicked a strand of her wavy, black hair from her eye. Lillian eyed the perfume bottle in her daughter's hand.

"That was no scene, Mother," she replied simply. Brianna scanned the small vicinity of the car carefully before she sprayed her perfume several times around the car. Brianna waited until the scent settled.

"Ah, better, it smells much better," Brianna declared satisfied as she placed her perfume away in her bag. Twinkle hopped onto her hind legs, sniffed the air, and sneezed.

Lillian coughed, "Really, Brianna, that was uncalled for." She grabbed for Twinkle and coughed again. Lillian fanned the air around her, hoping for some fresh air. Brianna rolled her eyes.

"Please, open the windows, Benjamin," Lillian asked the driver, Benjamin Hoover. He nodded his head and reached for the buttons. Brianna launched forward and clung to the driver seat.

"Benjamin, don't!" she cried dramatically. "I don't think I can stand that smell again."

Benjamin's hand froze in place.

"Oh for goodness sake, Brianna, it will not kill you!" Lillian reprimanded her daughter. She signaled for Benjamin to roll down the windows. He nodded his head and went to do as he was told.

"Finally, fresh air," Lillian sighed as she leaned back in her seat and took in a deep breathe.

Brianna looked at her mother and scowled. "Mother, really, how could you stand it?" Brianna wrinkled her nose.

"Don't forget, Brianna, I grew up in Pennsylvania."

"Really, I think you're to blame for making me move here," Brianna stated. Lillian paused, stared at her daughter, and laughed. Brianna sat back in her seat and scowled. She hated being laughed at.

"Stop laughing," she snapped, annoyed.

Lillian stopped, but a smile still played on her lips. "Why'd you say that?"

"Father wouldn't have moved here if you two weren't so sickly in love with each other and after your constant pleading."

Lillian glanced at her daughter. "Would you prefer we hated each other's guts?"

Brianna didn't answer. Her scowl deepened.

"For your information, I did not plead and did not suggest we live in Pennsylvania."

"So why are we moving here? Why is Dad living in Philadelphia while working, and we live in a town miles away from it?" Brianna asked. "I would even prefer Philadelphia over this."

"Your father wants you to have a normal life."

Brianna scoffed, "I already had a normal life back in New York."

Lillian just smiled at her, putting Brianna into an even worst mood than before.

How could her mother be so calm when Brianna's life was running out of control? She was going absolutely insane with the eerie silence that surrounded the setting. She needed life and excitement. She needed Broadway and Fifth Avenue. What about Chinatown and SoHo?

"My life was perfectly fine, until you and Father announced we'll be moving to the middle of nowhere," Brianna mumbled, but her mother either did not hear her or simply chose to ignore her.

Brianna settled back in her seat and searched through her purse once again. If her mother was ignoring her, she was going to do the same. Soon her mini Ipod and earphones were at hand. She looked out the window and paused as she saw not to far a way a pile of manure. She frowned and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Lillian, seeing the look on Brianna's face, felt a smile pull at her lips. Brianna catching her mother's arched lips, scowled.

"I swear, Mother, if my Jimmy Choo's get tainted with cow manure I'm out of this rural setting before you could say Marc Jacobs," Brianna declared viciously before plugging in her earphones and settling back listening to Lucas Prada sing his heart out.

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