Classy and Fabulous

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Chapter 2

"Stepford, I Hate You"

Brianna's first impressions still stood.

Boring, uninteresting, lifeless, and population one.

"What do you think?" Lillian asked, smiling.

Brianna stood in the front yard of their new house and gave her mother a pointed look. Brianna looked up and down the block. It was definitely much more of a suburb than the city. She was sure acres and acres of farmland were just a mile or two away. Almost identical houses were lined up neatly all the way down the block, green grass and gardens decorated the front yard, cars parked in drive ways, and, god, they had porches!

Brianna then glanced up at her new house. It was white, like the other houses, had a front lawn, a driveway, and a porch, but it was without a doubt bigger than the others.

She would have never seen herself living in a house remotely similar to that. For goodness sakes, she was a city girl.

"Reminds me of Stepford," she stated nonchalant. She slid on her sunglasses.

Lillian sighed loudly. Brianna looked at her mother from behind her shades and rolled her eyes before starting off down the block.

"Where are you going?" Lillian cried.

"To see if this place is actually as boring as it seems," Brianna answered without bothering to face her mother.


Yes, that was definitely five. There was a red one, a truck, a police car, a black car, and number five was another truck.

Five cars.

She had counted five cars pass in the last five was sitting right next to the window in a dimly light bookstore, bored out of her mind.

"It's a world record," she mumbled to herself, "I should call Guinness."

She felt so utterly alone. She didn't want to go home and face her mother's constant nagging of how she liked their new home. She hadn't met anyone here yet, and her father was probably in a meeting somewhere in Philadelphia. She searched through her bag and checked her cell phone, no messages and no calls from any of her New York City friends.

Brianna groaned.

Since when have I become so pathetic?

She was never one to wait for people to call her, and she was never one to feel lonely.

Brianna gracefully pushed herself up from the chair, grabbed her bag, and trying her best to occupy herself, looked at some books. She grabbed a random book off the shelf and turned it around to read the summary.

"It's a little dark in here to wear sunglasses, don't you think?" a deep, unrecognizable voice asked her.

Without looking up, she placed the book she was currently holding back on the shelf and grabbed another one off.

"Are you talking to me?" she asked, uninterested.

The guy chuckled amused. "You are the only one wearing shades in here."

"I'm setting a fashion trend," Brianna stated.

"Fashion trend?" a different voice asked her, it was less deep. So there were two of them.

"Yeah, the one that says 'Wear your sunglasses where ever you goddamn want to'," she said dryly.

Both of them chuckled.

I'm not in the mood.

"And I was thinking you were always that sarcastic," guy number one said.

Brianna's cheeks flushed a little. Had she really said that aloud?

"Okay, look," Brianna said while lifting her sunglasses to rest on top of her head, "don't you two have anything better to do?"

She placed the book she was holding back on the shelf and looked up to see the face of the two guys she'd been talking to for the last couple of minutes.

"See, I knew you had pretty eyes!" the second guy exclaimed.

Brianna arched an eyebrow at him. She gave the strangers a once over and nodded in satisfaction. Guy number one with the deeper voice was much more of a looker than the other one, guy number two.

"Pretty eyes?" she asked, smirking slightly.

Guy number two took in Brianna's full appearance and rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed. She always had been a little intimidating. "Yeah, you see me and my friends had a bet." He pointed at guy number one who didn't at all look interested in the conversation.

"On my eyes?"

"Yeah," the guy's voice faded slightly.

"I see and that's it," Brianna asserted.

"Actually, we wanted to know if you were new around here."

Brianna blinked and frowned. "Unfortunately."

"So I'm taking it you don't like it here," guy number two declared.

"I've been here for a couple of hours, and I have to say, no. It's kinda boring me, as compared to New York City, now that was exciting."

"Your family must be well off."

Brianna shurgged, "Comfort is luxury." Guy number one visibly frowned, his dark brown eyes darkening.

"A bit materialistic, are you?" he stated, rather than asked. Brianna scowled annoyed.

He was a looker, but his personality stunk! Who was he to judge her? He only just met her! Besides, it wasn't a crime to enjoy the benefits of being rich. Her eyes flashed dangerously.

He smirked at her. He actually had the nerve to smirk at her! Her scowl deepened. She raised her head high and glared at him.

"Don't judge someone you clearly don't know," Brianna said starkly.

"Could almost say the same about you," he said, "this town might just surprise you."

Brianna glowered at him one last time, before sauntering off into another isle. She wasn't going to waste her insults on him. She distanced herself from the two guys, especially the rude one. Just as her day couldn't get any worst!

"Man, Brendan, I told you to help me, not ruin my chances with her!" boy number two exclaimed.

Brianna ears perked up.

So the rude one is named Brendan, and boy number one wants to hook up with me.

"You could do better, Eric," Brendan said.


"That spoiled princess isn't worth your time," Brendan added.

Brianna growled.

Spoiled princess?

She was no spoiled princess.

She glanced over at the isle she had just left. The two guys were still there. She glared at the direction of the rude one, one last time and left.

Spoiled princess, eh? Jackass.

Brianna gripped her purse tighter. She was really beginning to hate this town even more. It was not only boring; the most infuriating person she had ever met lived there!

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