Author's Note:

Hello everyone! I know, it's been forever since I've last updated. I can offer a lot of excuses: namely, life. And its true, life and school has been taking up my time, however more and more I realize that I don't like how the story is turning out. I don't know, maybe my writing has changed, but I just really want to start everything back from square one. So, I'll be doing (another) revamp of the story. I want to keep the plot points intact; however there are a lot of things that I really just want to change.

The main characters will stay the same and even after the change a lot of things may seem familiar, however I really want to make the story better. There will still be a lot of characters, however I want to tighten them up some and condense the time in which certain events happen.

I'm not too sure when the change will take place; I already have an idea of how I want it to start, however until I have enough new chapters, I'll just keep what I have up now. To faithful readers, I'm sorry for taking so long to get my act together, and for new comers, sorry for you to come so far only to see this note! Fear not; the changes I make won't make the plot completely different, however there are certain things that I do want to change, namely the writing (ugh) and certain events that happen (I want things to be more concrete, I want the characters to start meeting each other sooner, I want to be a lot clearer about the role of the Heroes and what not).

Anyways, thank you everyone for your wonderful reviews. I'll hate to delete the story and loose your kind words, but I don't think this story will get any better unless I really start from the bottom up once more on a clean slate. While there still will be familiar faces, look forward to some different things happening and a new idea I had: Story Within a Story (SWS). It'll still be tied into the plot; however it'll chronicle events that may not be all together clear until later one (like, maybe not even till the end of the story).

Thank you!